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  1. A page didn't upload properly and has left a flag "1" on the web clipper icon. Hover over it and the tip says "uploading unsaved clips." It's been there for days! That clip obviously isn't going to upload, so how do I get rid of the flag? I uninstalled clipper, closed Firefox, opened it and reinstalled, but the flag is still there. Presumably in a settings or config file somewhere. But I don't know where to look or what to do. Thanks.
  2. Oh hang on, I don't think it's the clipper after all. I just tried copying and pasting some of the document and some of it turns into Chinese characters. Weird.
  3. I'm in dire need of some help. I ploughed my way through two government documents, clipping the relevant bits to EN. Had so much to do and so little time, I didn't open each note to check it had worked OK. Now I discover that web clipper changed the font from English to Chinese! Not only are my notes meaningless, but because they're not English any more, I can't go back to the original document and use them as search terms to find where it came from and clip again. In a vain hope it might just need playing with fonts, I copied it into a word document then changed the font eg to arial. All that happened is that I still have Chinese characters, just in a slightly different font. I've even tried using some of the Chinese characters to search the document. No joy. In case it's relevant which clipper I was using, I've recently changed to Firefox but think I may have still been using Chrome when I clipped the segments. How can I find my original extracts in the orginal documents? (And why on earth did EN do this to me?) HELP! I just don't have time to start again and plough through the documents again. Thanks for any help you can offer. The documents are at https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/268630/Sustaining_services__ensuring_fairness_-_Government_response_to_consultation.pdf and https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/268632/Sustaining_services__ensuring_fairness_-_Government_response_to_consultation_-_Equality_Analysis.pdf An example of a clipping from the latter document is 䝐⁣漀渀猀甀汴愀瑩漀渀猀–坥牥捯最渀楳攠瑨攀⁣物瑩捡氠椀洀瀀漀牴愀渀挀攀映甀渀牥猀瑲楣瑥搀⁡捣攀獳⁴漀⁥愀牬礀 搀楡最渀漀獩猠愀渀搀⁩渀琀攀牶攀渀瑩漀渀楳楮 瑨攀⁨攀愀汴栀⁩渀瑥牥獴猠漀昀 戀漀琀栀⁰甀戀汩挠愀渀搀⁰愀瑩攀渀琀⁨攀愀汴栀Ⱐ愀猠眀攀汬⁡猠瑨攀楫敬礀⁣漀獴 戀攀渀攀昀椀瑳 漀昀⁴牥愀瑩渀最⁴栀攀⁰愀瑩攀渀琀⁥愀牬礀⁴漀⁡瘀漀楤 攀洀攀牧攀渀挀礀⁴牥愀瑭攀渀琠愀琠愀愀瑥爠獴愀最攀⸠䍯渀猀攀焀甀攀渀瑬礀⁷攀⁰牯瀀漀獥 瑯 牥瑡楮 昀爀攀攀⁡捣攀獳⁴漀 䝐⁣漀渀獵汴愀瑩漀渀猀景爠慬氠瀀攀漀瀀汥 牥焀甀楲楮最⁣愀牥
  4. Thanks everyone. Am still totally muddled though. I'm trying with a dummy address as my invitee. I've been ticking "allow notebook preview without requiring login" but when I click on the emailed link, EN still demands I log in or register and won't let me view the notebook. The easy way would be to make the notebook public but I'd need to go through every entry to make sure there wasn't something that we don't want in public domain. So that's no good. Toying with setting up a dummy EN account and asking manager to log in with that. How private is a shared notebook? Anyone with the link and an EN account can access it, rather than only invitees? Though who else would find the link anyway? Is it definite that even shared notebooks aren't found with search engines? Or only fully public notebooks? (Is there a difference?) I am so confused!
  5. Hi, I'm struggling to make sense of this. I want to share one notebook with a manager so she can read my notes but not edit them. I don't want to have a public link especially if that might mean my notes will show up in search engines. (If they definitely won't show up in search engines, I'm a bit less worried as I wouldn't expect someone to come across the URL if left to themselves.) As far as I know, she doesn't have an Evernote account and I think probably wouldn't want to register with something that is unknown to her just to be able to read my notes. So I right-click on the notebook, select share, which brings up a dialogue offering either invite individuals or create a public link. Invite in turns brings me to a dialogue to enter the recipients' email, mail and select view notes or view notes and activity. There's also a tick box "Allow notebook preview without requiring login." Help implies my manager would be able to read the notebook and wouldn't have needed to register or log in. But when I tick this box and my manager clicks the link that Evernote emails to her, it asks her for her login details. She can't get past this screen so can't read the notes after all. What is going wrong and how do I correct it?. (Mine is a free account.) Thanks. Clarer1
  6. Wow that was fast! Thank you. Am I likely to run into problems(eg synch or tags & nesting) using the old WM6.5 version for a short while till can upgrade my phone to Android? Alternatively, is the Windows Mobile 7 version on the main EN website likely to work on my WM6.5 Pro?
  7. Until I'm allowed a phone upgrade (hoping to go Android soon) I have WIndows Mobile 6.5 Pro. The main Evernote website has a download for Windows 7. Does this work on 6.5 Pro? Googling evernote windows mobile 6.5 took me to http://evernote.en.softonic.com/pocketpc. Is this a genuine evernote website? I wasn't sure if it's genuine or somewhere that might be pretending to be you. And will that version work on my phone and sync with EN on the web and EN on my Windows XP desktop? Thank you.
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