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  1. First, thank you so much for providing a free version of Evernote. I'm starting school soon, and I see myself typing into my Evernote notes live during classes. Most of these are Maths classes though, so it is important that I am able to easily key in mathematical symbols like superscript, subscript, fractions, summations, etc. I'm presently getting around the lack of this feature in Evernote by typing the equation in Google Docs, pasting it into an image on MS Paint, resizing the image, then pasting the image onto Evernote. It's not pretty, and definitely not possible in a fast-paced lecture setting. Are there any plans to put into Evernote something similar to the equation editor in MS Word or in Google Docs? I'm considering dropping all my other note-taking tools and signing up for the premium version of Evernote. But I won't do so until an equation editor is available, since I'll still have to be dependent on Google Docs.
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