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  1. I really like the internal links feature - being able to link notes together is crucial. But often it would be helpful to trace those app links backwards to their source. For example, I might have a page for each project and a page for each customer. I might then make links on the customer pages to link to each of their projects. When I go to the project page, I would like to be able to see a pop-up menu, or sidebar, or something, that shows me links *back* to the pages that link to the current page. Many Wikis have this 'link traceback' feature and it's incredibly useful, because it more closely represents how we think about things. Sometimes I might think of a customer and want to check on one of their projects; but sometimes I'm adding adding notes to a project when I remember something the customer said and i want to add it to their page -- would be nice if I could follow that link backwards (rather than manually having to maintain separate links in each direction.)
  2. Yes, of course I can use MacOS Built-in-screen capture - I could also cut and paste those screenshots into word documents and pull them in as notes if I wanted to be silly -- but right now there exists an Evernote keystroke shortcut for easy capturing from one of my three screens and not the other two: So if the thing I want to capture is on my center display, it takes one shortcut to create a note from a screenshot, easy peasy. If the thing I want to capture is on one of my side displays, I have to a do a different action to get a macOS screen grab, save it to the desktop, then create a note, then find the screenshot on my desktop, drag it onto the new note, then delete the screenshot from my desktop when I don't need it anymore. I was hoping for a simple solution that would let me achieve the same logical action (save a note from as screenshot) with the same physical actions (click on screen, then activate the same screencap shortcut) no matter where the image I want to capture lives on my desktop.
  3. I just upgraded to 10.8.4 on Mac, and I love the new features! The Global shortcuts, in particular, are pretty great, as is the 'Evernote Helper' thingy that can capture part of the screen and throw it into a note. (Maybe that's not new, but it was new to me, when I found the keyboard shortcut for it!) Anyway, my request is this: I run a three-monitor setup (the built-in display on a Macbook and two Apple Thunderbolt displays) and I would like to be able to do full-screen capture by keyboard shortcut on any of my screens. So far as I can tell, the Global screen capture button always captures the 'main' display (the one that gets the menu bar in display preferences.) UPDATE: I just tested and verified this by moving the menubar within Display Preferences/ Arrangement tab, and the global screen capture always follows the menubar. Ideally, I would like to capture whichever screen has my mouse pointer on it, but I'm not sure if this is technically feasible, and maybe there are issues with it, accessibility-wise. Next-best would be if the global screen capture button always captured whichever screen holds the current "foreground" application. So, to do a screengrab on one of my side screens, all I would have to do is mouse-click an app on that screen and then hit the magic keystroke combo. Thanks for your time.
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