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  1. On elephant android, when I open the app, the first thing I see is "all notes" window as default. I wonder if I can change this because I'm not happy to see all notes together whenever I start the app. It's a useful page but not at first sight for me... I prefer to see a custom notebook I have. I appreciate your answers in advance.
  2. Thanks a lot, one last question. If I make a shared note, the person I share will need to have an evernote account to view the note?
  3. I can't answer your question but the problem can be installing iOS on your Android device. 🙄
  4. Oh I was thinking I can give it to people so they can send the notes directly to my evernote but this is a great suggestion.
  5. I try to change the first part of evernote email adress. In settings, I clicked reset button a couple of times and it only changes the numbers at the end but I'm not happy with how it looks like because of the first part because of personal reasons. Can any Evernote employee help me to update it? I think it's something users can't do because I spend hours to find out how I can resolve it and I couldn't.
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