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  1. Exactly. In fact, the very reason I moved off of BlackBerry as my mobile platform of choice is b/c of their poor support for SMS messaging as compared with iOS and Android. Plus, most of my friends and family weren't using BB Messenger for video chats, and Google Hangouts and Google Duo didn't work well enough on BlackBerry 10.
  2. I don't disagree -- and we die-hard EN users will very likely consider the option in your first paragraph. But the average "cloud consumer" will likely go where they perceive is "biggest bang for buck" and that's when EN will bleed market share and likely lose a large swath of paying customers. And that's a concern for me as EN won't be sustained by the die-hards who remain simply b/c we know that EV does notetaking much better than the others (well aside from the handwriting bit) -- I mean, look at BlackBerry with their superior product and an immensely loyal small following, but look where t
  3. Oh, another thing -- I've thought about the cost of Evernote compared to, say, Office 365 Personal. If memory serves, the cost is comparable. In my mind, I'm thinking that I can either spend my subscription dollars on Evernote and get a great notetaking platform (cost increases aside), or on O365 and get a so-so notetaking app (OneNote) which doesn't really compare well with Evernote in an apples-to-apples manner. Plus, I'd get the 1TB of Onedrive storage and access to all of the Office productivity applications. This is what makes me pause when it comes to Evernote's pricing. Sure, I can a
  4. I've actually been trying to use OneNote, myself. In spite of the fact that my handwritten notes sometimes become corrupt between a PC and a mobile device, I find that it is the most platform agnostic note taking platform, aside from Evernote. My big thing about OneNote is that I've gotten used to how Evernote sorts its notes, and the whole organization of notes (pages, tabs, notebooks, etc) in OneNote really throws me off. I do use OneNote for work quite extensively, and I tend to treat it almost like having a three-ring binder, with tabs and pages. I had also gotten used to the wway Eve
  5. Oh yes, handwriting in Evernote is the absolute pits. Probably the main reason I went the Samsung Notes route. OneNote has very decent handwriting capabilities as well, but I find that there is some kind of unpublished size limit which corrupts notes between the PC and a tablet, whether it's an iPad or a Samsung tablet. I'm a fountain pen user and collector, so I hear you on the handwritten note using pen and paper thing. Still a very enjoyable experience, in my opinion.
  6. I'm late to the game and only joined these forums and found this thread now. A long time Evernote user. Like many others here, I am irked by the changes to Evernote's pricing changes -- I've paid faithfully for my account over the last 5 - 6 years, but have spent the last pandemic year migrating my information to alternative platforms. It really isn't an overnight change for me as it's a little difficult to find something that works just as well. Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe that a company that offers a stellar service ought to be making a buck or three, but that needs to be bal
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