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  1. Ron: I am using Outlook 2003 in a Small Business Server environment. I did not see any such Evernote icon anywhere, but if you right-click on the note, you get a drop down menu which includes an option to "Save to Evernote". Furthermore, if you press control and choose which notes you want, you can make it a faster process, but the caveat is that all those notes will have the same Tag, so be careful chosing your notes. Also, in the very bottom of the left sided panel, I found a little Tab which I think has no label or distinguishing features, which offers the same functionality; perhaps this is the same Icon Max was referring to. Good luck Luis
  2. Tried maxikk's method. Worked real well. I had envisioned some way of importing all my notes, then going through them and deleting the ones i didn't need. If i know myself, i would have not taken the time to do the deleting and now would have a lot of ***** in Evernote. This worked better because it forced me to go through every note and deciding whether i still need it or not, and tagging each note. Very cool! Thanks maxikk
  3. Thanks, guys, will try both options Luis
  4. Any way of importing Outlook Notes? Thanks Luis
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