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  1. Thanks all. Sadly, it looks like I won't be using Evernote for now. OK, thanks, bye
  2. Thanks, It really DOES seem like overkill for what I need at the moment, but it kept showing up at or near the top in all reviews for apps in that category. Figured I'd try it. Frankly, I'm surprised it does NOT offer that functionality. It seems like a simple thing to accomplish and I'd think lots of others would want that.
  3. Hello, Recently started using Evernote after searching for something to help me track/sync lists across devices. Mainly I want to do checklist type of stuff: Shopping list, to-do list, reminder list for packing, etc. Before retiring a couple of years ago, I worked in IT for 35+ years. Over the years I've used many tools like this at work. Most of those were software that the company bought and I don't want to spend the money at home. While researching options, Evernote consistently ranked near the top of all the reviews I read. So I figured I'd give it a go. I must say I'm fru
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