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  1. After searching the forum I finally saw that this has been handled through the add-on. [i'm using Firefox 24.0] For future searchers, all you have to do is open the Evernote add-on preferences. Toward the bottom you'll be happy to see a button to Clear Pending Uploads and things will be good again.
  2. The only news I know of is that the 3.0.2 release mentioned fixing a graphics bug, but it didn't fix this snippet issue for me. And I was so looking forward to it...
  3. I also still have the graphics bug with 3.0.2, which supposedly this release was supposed to fix. Sigh.
  4. I tried a clean install of version 2.3 from the App store and it didn't fix the smearing problem for me...I saw on another thread that installing the Beta 3.0 fixed it for someone, but I'm not interested in a Beta version. I will open a support ticket.
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