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  1. @heather, Thanks for a very good explanation. I do appreciate the setup you have for support, and my previous experiences with Evernote tech support has always been good (as I posted earlier in this thread). One suggestion: it would be great to add your nice explanation to the message level 1 sends. Had they just said _what_ they wanted, instead of telling me how to do it, our conversation would have been much more clear. In any case, I will leave Evernote at this time but will keep it installed and see if it improves. Leaving has nothing to do with my not so good experience this time with support, it is solely due to version 5 being very wrong for me. Best of luck, and a Happy New Year!
  2. Why are you so hung up about that statement? I even said I didn't have any problem with it, that I had received good answers and that I was happy to wait. In this later case, I believe that Evernote clearly answered in time. As to my previous experience, maybe its because I wasn't thinking about my time difference to California time. In any case, I'm very sorry if I made that statement in error; it wasn't what my question was about. It was simply a question about how to ask for a refund. I've now learned that I can do that via tech support. Thanks again for helping me out with this. If you're really interested in any potential cracks in their support system, perhaps it is more interesting when tech support advices me to perform steps in Evernote that I can obviously not do, since Evernote crashes each time at startup? Or when an Evernote representative (Heather) implies that I've not followed the advice (however poor) from tech support when that is clearly wrong?
  3. Yes, my iOS version was 5.1.1, which I specified very clearly in my problem report. I also installed Evernote 5.1.2 as soon as it was available, and I noted in the support thread that I had performed the reinstall they suggested (even though I couldn't do it the way they suggested since Evernote crashed at startup time). Performing a factory reset of an iPhone to get one application working is not acceptable to me. I've never had to do that for any other application, on any iDevice before. I will not even try that, its just not worth it.
  4. I don't believe that an open forum is the right place to discuss support issues. My note (in parenthesis) about not having received any replies was not meant as criticism. I thought I made that clear when I followed up and said I was in no rush and that my previous experience with Evernote support has been good (as it had, until lately). My question was answered:; I can use tech support also for a billing type issue. Thanks for answering!
  5. @heather, I think you are a bit confused. Your team has never been "attempting to get me to install" Evernote 5.1.2. They recommended an uninstall/reinstall, in which they advised me to do a number of steps inside Evernote -- even though I had stated very clearly that it crashed from start and that I cannot do anything with it! So, even though this advice was really silly and showed that they hadn't even read my problem report, I did answer that I had already tried the reinstall. Also, I've been running Evernote 5.1.2 since right after it was released, on 4 different iDevices (two of which are connected to the Evernote account that I use for these reports). And I've ben synchronizing using that version many times. So, if you see me using Evernote 5.1.1 in my "last log", you either have a problem with your logs or your looking in the wrong place. You are not confusing iOS version 5.1.1 with Evernote version are you? My problem with a crashing Evernote on iPhone only happens on iOS version 5.1.1 (that is: the operating system version, which is not the same as your product version). The crash still happens with Evernote 5.1.2, and it still happens after a complete uninstall/reinstall. By the way, on the iPhone I have attached to this account (mogf01), I have now upgraded iOS version to 6.0.1, and this resolves the crash. However, another iPhone (using Evernote with another account) still has the crash problem with Evernote version 5.1.2. The next advice I got from your team was even more irritating. Again, they showed that they had not even read my problem report, by suggesting again that I should perform a number of steps from within a running Evernote. And I should do this on a machine from which I cannot even start Evernote!?!? Anyway, I have no idea what you got your ideas about what your support team has been doing and what I have done or not done. You have clearly not read either their advice to me, nor my replies where I've stated that I've done what they asked for and it still crashes. I've saved the mail conversations, and can send them to you if you like? @BurgersNFries, why you "liked" heather's post is not something I understand. I personally found it a bit insulting, as it insinuated that I hadn't followed the advice from the Evernote support team. When the truth is that the support team has been handling this case very badly, and shown that they hadn't read (or cared about) my problem description. Repeatedly advising me to use Evernote to do things, on a device where I cannot even start Evernote!? That is not good. I will pursue getting my refund, as I'm moving away from Evernote due to the serious problems with version 5. I will still keep a version in my devices, monitoring development and see if it improves. (I still hope that Evernote will throw away version 5 and restart from previous version which I liked, but I haven't got time to wait).
  6. Thanks, will try the tips after the holidays. @burgersnfries: I have premium subscription and I've had to wait more than one business day (Calif. time) almost every time for a reply. I've not complained about it since the answers I've gotten have been good (nice support). This time, I have 3 reports that haven't been answered, but I'm thinking they have lots to do around holidays so I'm happy to wait. Happy holidays!
  7. Does anyone know how to contact Evernote billing department, or if they have a department for non-technical complaints? I just paid a yearly subscription for premium, and since the latest versions have made Evernote all but useless for me, I wanted to ask about a refund (they state in a FAQ answer that they will try to give me a refund if I'm not fully satisfied). I can only find a way to communicate with technical support, and I've made several support tickets (no answers at all yet...). Any tips appreciated.
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