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  1. I'd love to have a reminder section on home screen.
  2. I completely agree with @Cartroo. I've had my share of problems with Evernote in the past, but I think the service is steadily improving. That said, the lack of structural headings (and a <pre> block), makes me go elsewhere for lots of notes that I'd rather put in Evernote. All-in-all, this will lead me to move away from Evernote, which is too bad since I really like much of it.
  3. I also would like password protected notebooks and/or notes. I am an experience software developer and my view is that it most probably is not a very difficult thing to add. The difficult part is probably the user experience design, and to provide means for users to recover lost passwords (for example by some sort of key escrow). I'm assuming that "password protected notebooks" would be implemented using encryption (that is the solution I would select) which would lead to good extra security. I'd love to see Evernote add this functionality, but I'd be happy to accept it being a bit difficult to use even, since I need it only for selected notebooks. I'm sorry if following is off-topic, but I want to state that I find these forums very unfriendly. People like BurgersNFries who talk down to people, tell them what they need and not, tell them what they know or not, makes me not want to discuss anything here. Instead of trying to find faults in anything that even remotely criticizes Evernote, why not try to see the best in people and interpret what they write in a positive way?
  4. One way to implement this would be to do it similar to what the application "1Password" has done. In that application, you can navigate the sidebar using the keyboard, and it supports Tab and Shift+Tab to move between the panes. Really nice, and I would love for Evernote to do the same.
  5. I've requested this before, but since I now see that the newly released Windows version of Evernote 5 actually has this view ("Left Panel"), I repeat my request to improved the Mac version. As the topic title says: Please replace the sidebar with a normal view that can be navigated using the keyboard. I really like to navigate notebooks using the type of overview that the sidebar provides, but being forced to use the mouse for that is irritating and results in a poor user experience. Just a suggestion. Please let me know if I should have posted this elsewhere. Regards, MartinF
  6. The screenshots from joshatx demonstrates the problem well. I assume there is no reason for me to post very similar screenshots?
  7. I would like to second the request for a page rotation feature. I take almost all notes in landscape mode, both using penultimate and evernote (and other note taking apps). The fact that all penultimate notes are sideways in Evernote is a blocker for me, so I'm actually using other note taking software for freehand just because of this.
  8. Gazumped, you do realize how silly the dialogue is, right? I fully understand the background, with traffic redirected to servers for payment purposes, etc. I don't expect Evernote to actually do anything about this, of course... What I do expect is that they fix a dialogue that is just plain wrong. Since my last message here, Evernote support has changed its view, and now acknowledges this as a bug. So, my complaining actually did work this time! :-)
  9. Attached dialogue is displayed when another server takes over IP traffic, for example at hotels where one has to login to a server before using Internet. I just think that it would be nice to get more than one option. Especially since one has to press OK to continue using Evernote (yes, that dialogue is modal...). The dialogue presents a warning, and asks the user if he/she wants to continue or not. Then the dialogue gives the user only ONE choice (and forces the user to select that choice since the dialogue is modal): to chose to continue even though that has just been stated being a security risk.... This is so silly it is actually a bit funny. What is really not funny at all, is that Evernote support refuses to even call this a bug. Instead they blame "using a public Internet source"! Using a public Internet source that works by taking over the traffic is of course the source of the warning, but this in no way changes the fact that the dialogue is plain wrong. The fact that Evernote support doesn't even acknowledge that this is a seriously stupid dialogue, that simply needs to be fixed worries me. My ticket number is #69490. Any tips on what I can do, now that Evernote support has told me they cannot do anything to fix this? Can I contact someone who actually understands, and/or is it possible to escalate the issue? Btw, there is one advantage of the silly dialogue: it is given me a new fun #epicfail screen clip to show security minded people! :-)
  10. Sorry, forgot to say I'm using the Mac client for this. I also forgot to ask if it is possible to add tables at all into the iPad client?
  11. I used to be able to copy "tables" from Excel and Numbers, and paste them into Evernote as nicely rendered tables. This functionality seems to be removed. When I paste "table" information now, Evernote just splits everything up in separate text lines. There is no hint of table formatting like before. Now, I've gotten used to having nice functionality removed in the (for me) very bad version 5. But now it seems functionality is removed as version 5 progresses too. Sure, Evernote is a great tool even without fancy formatting, but pasting table type info into Evernote tables was really nice and I miss it. Anyone knows if this is just a bug, or if they did it on purpose?
  12. The Ticket# for this issue is 55471. As I've let the support people know, I have fixed my notes that were broken so I don't really need a fix to this. I've reported it mostly to see if there is a well known issue that one can avoid, and to let them know there is a problem hidden somewhere... :-)
  13. Ok, great. I've just sent some more info about the problem to the support thread I've opened. Good luck in finding and fixing this.
  14. If you think that that's all evangelists do, you are very much mistaken. I don't think that at all. I know that the evangelists help out very much -- I've been helped many times by them/you. This makes it all the more strange to me that several evangelists so often feel a need to defend EN against criticism.
  15. Well said gazumped! Or perhaps it should be spelled "gasumped" since you're English? :-)
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