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  1. Thanks. actually all your replies make sense. I have started to just fill the default notebook with notes and will them look to organize them. I also discovered the horizontal rule you can insert inside notes. That seems to work to separate individual thoughts or items. I think I will go for the premium service with this. Searching inside pictures is pretty cool.
  2. Ok, this might seem like a lame question. But I just can't figure out exactly how you are supposed to use evernote. Say you have a topic you're investigating. For example, "housing bubbles". Are you supposed to create a new "notebook" for just that topic? And then each new "note" goes in there separately? Or are you supposed to have a new "note" for each topic, and put all of your things inside that one note? The reason I'm asking is because I've been doing it the second way, and finding everything all jumbled together. Web clippings mixed in with my own text notes, etc. Also, with firefox each time you do a web clip it makes it as a whole new note - you can't name an existing note to add it to. I am starting to think that the first option I listed above is the correct way. But please let me know. Anyway I'm trying to make sure I'm using the product the right way. I need it to become easy to use and automatic. If not, I"ll never buy and use it properly, and get the full advantage of using it and it will become frustrating. Or worse, I'll buy it and not use it.
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