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  1. @PinkElephant It's not so much complaining that the passcode is doing what a passcode is intended to do - it's about having an increased level of functionality *with* added security. I can't help but feel that your second to last comment is somewhat contradictory, as you say; "A little bit longer is a little bit less secure, and so on", but what is less secure than not enabling the lock function full stop - as you prescribe? Surely, enabling the lock function but delaying it, still makes it more secure than not putting a lock on at all? The point of contention isn't whether or not to enable the lock on EN - some people (e.g. me) simply want an added layer of security on their notes over that which the innate device security offers - especially if they share their phone or others have access to it (believe it or not, this does happen). Maybe it is a factor of comfort - as you mentioned previously, but it's more of an issue of function > comfort for me. I personally use the finger print function to unlock EN, but like others have said - it's incredibly frustrating to have to fingerprint my way back into a note that I've navigated away from for 2 seconds, when this was not the case in the legacy model.
  2. Thanks for the input PinkElephant; That's fair enough, and obviously securing the overall device is paramount - but what's wrong with an added layer of security on notes that you may not want someone else to see? Especially if someone else (i.e. a significant other) has access to your device and knows the pass code? That's like saying leave your front door open 'cos the gate is locked... Like you mentioned, banking apps/etc. have an added layer of security on top of the devices inate security, and there is already a lock function embedded in Evernote - so why not bring over the facility to delay said lock, to the new version? I'm not a software engineer (yet...) but surely it wouldn't take much tweaking to add a delay to the existing lock function?
  3. Same here! I know you're very busy sorting the important stuff, but please look to reintroduce the delayed lock function - whereby you could set a time before you'd have to pin/fingerprint unlock your note if you'd navigated away from it, ASAP. It's very frustrating having to unlock a note if I've navigated away from it only for a few seconds! I've resorted to removing the lock, which drastically reduces the security of my notes as a consequence.
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