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  1. For me, as someone who was hoping that Evernote could help me integrate my email and task list, not having a reliable clipper for Gmail is a non-starter. The only explanation for it to be broken for this long is that they aren't prioritizing it over other development initiatives. And if they don't think it is a big deal for it to be broken, then that tells me I shouldn't rely on it for my day-to-day business process. For me to use Evernote as my GTD platform, having a 99.9% reliable clipper for Gmail is an absolute requirement. This is the end of the 3rd business week for which the clipper has been non-functional. Who knows if they are even working on it?
  2. This is pretty critical to making Evernote for Android a usable app. I'm attempting to use Evernote to take meeting notes but not being able to indent makes the notes pretty unreadable.
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