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  1. I’ll just explain a bit about the situation here: I’ve been using Evernote for storing personal data (eg private journals, notes etc but no personal password or financial info) and recently I’ve been concerned about whether Evernote is actually safe because it uses Google cloud to store data. First of all, is this cloud service safe? If data is stored there, is it in an “open” or “closed” format? And is it accessible by other people easily? (Here is their security policy: https://evernote.com/security) Second of all, I understand from Evernote’s privacy policy that though they use end-to-end encryption, this depends on whether the user selects a portion of the note to encrypt. If the user does not, it may not be encrypted when it goes to the cloud. I’m not sure what this means and whether that means the data is in “open” format in the cloud and people can get access to it if the user doesn’t encrypt text from their end. Will other people be able to access such data in the cloud easily? (End to end encryption in Evernote: https://evernote.com/security/tips) Third, I understand it’s possible to encrypt data from our end before it goes to the cloud (eg by using Saferoom or other encryption tools). But is it possible for data that is already in the cloud to be encrypted? Eg, I already have many notes in Evernote that have been synced to the cloud. I can start encrypting new notes now before they get synced to the cloud. But can the data already “up there” be encrypted from my end too? Lastly, if data is deleted from my end (eg lets say i choose to delete my whole account and all my notes inside) - can the data be deleted from the cloud too? Or will it remain there “forever”? Overall In the case of Evernote, is the security good enough for private journals (definitely don’t want people to be reading it)? What kind of note app would you recommend if we want to keep our data Super safe from prying eyes?
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