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  1. nope, I just installed it, opened/ran it and it prompted me to login, then is loops. Since then, I installed it again on a different PC and is seems to work better. Tried export to http and mht (Offline) they succeed but the local copy. I think I might need to download the attachments separately? ** I'm guessing just put them in the same folder? Oh on the print to PDF, i tried to multi-select notes and the print option disapeared.. So the export to HTML or mht...
  2. The popup keeps looping, no mater what you press...
  3. LOL I installed the Legacy version and it opens and take a login, but immediately starts popups saying failed to import. did you see this?
  4. I agree the odds of a shutdown are remote, but I have seen Amazon shut servers off to a company recently. So anything cam happen these days, better to be safe than sorry Installing the older version now...
  5. Thanks for the info. My plan was to print to PDF not paper... Also i understand ENEX allows me to re-import to evernote, but what if evernote gets shutdown/canceled/sued/etc... You mentioned an older app version that allowed printing the notebook, do you happen to know the version? Also I was not aware I could import ENEX to any other software than evernote?
  6. I have over 320 notes and want to print the notes. I do not want to select each one and hit print... What I have tried so far in the windows app: - Shift-> Click and it selects up to 50 notes. (not optimal but better than 1...) - Right click and get a list of options but not print. - I clicked on the 3 dots (...) but print is not available. (But it is if I only select 1 note.) - After multi select, I looked in the pull down menus for print. (Did not find it) Why can I not select a notebook and print it 1 note per page etc? I want a hard copy of my note in-case evernote vanishes one day... Cheers
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