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  1. Thanks for the fast response! It would be great if they could allow that in the future as it would make them more usable to people. Jim
  2. I have been searching and haven't found any articles on if it is possible to edit the default New Note templates. I would like to change some of the text as I end up editing each one. I relealize that I can create my own template out of this and use a new blank note then Open Gallery - My Templates, but it would be great if I could edit this built in one. Jim
  3. I can't thank CalS enough for posting the link to the 6.x version!
  4. I am blown away by how big of a downgrade this version is. So many features are missing, particularly the import folder monitoring. Going back to the 6.x version.
  5. Are there plans to bring back the spell check engine that can be launched with the F7 key? If not, what was the logic or reason for removing it?
  6. How about including"Evernote" in the default dictionary?
  7. Old topic but I thought I would give an update. It turns out the issue was due to the Android Wear OS app on my Zenwatch 2. Support said they were having issues and once I removed it from my watch, the update issues went away. I wasn't using it on my watch so removing it didn't have a negative impact.
  8. I started with OneNote in 2008 which at the time didn't sync across computers. I figured out how to utilize Mesh Sync (eventually became OneDrive) to sync my notebooks across PCs but often had issues with corruption of Notebooks. Then I found Evernote a month or so later. I still use OneNote as it is required for my job, but personally, I rely on Evernote. There are a lot of ways Evernote could improve to match what OneNote does, but to me, the biggest differentiators which make Evernote stand out is being able to tag notes, the search being FAR SUPERIOR to OneNote and the screen layout which is similar to how I layout Outlook. I cannot emphasize enough how easy it is to find things in Evernote compared to OneNote. Microsoft will always dominate the enterprise space because business runs on Windows and Office. However, there will always be room for niche products like Evernote that provide particular value or features that Microsoft cannot, particularly in small to mid-size business market, as well as some pockets in the enterprise. As long as Evernote stays a step ahead or has a few must-have features that OneNote doesn't, people will pay for that and they can stay relevant. If they sit back, relax and don't keep up, they will become the next Novell or Lotus Notes.
  9. An update to the "update" issue. It stopped for a while but early this morning at 4:11 AM ET 02/19/2016 I had 10 notes all change their updated times at the exact same time. 6 of the notes this time were recent, but 4 were from 8 to 11 months ago. At that time, there were no Windows systems running Evernote, not even the system tray app . Only an Android phone. I had used Evernote on my Samsung S6 earlier in the day on 02/18/2016, but at 4:11 AM on 2/19/2016 it was sitting on the charger. I am now convinced it is something in the Android app that is doing it. I wonder if there are any activity logs for the app in Android?
  10. I realize it doesn't update without input from something; that is what is so baffling about this. Looking at the access history it might be the Android client. It shouldn't have been running a couple of the days listed where I have seen this behavior but there are entries for it accessing it. As for what has been updated, it doesn't look like anything has changed. Then again, it could just be ghosts using my computer.
  11. Over the past week or so each morning when I open the current full desktop Evernote client on an x64 Win 10 system, a note dated 1 year earlier is at the top of the list and has the current date in the updated field (I sort by date updated). I have never had this issue before and it has me baffled as to what could be doing it. Today it did not occur. When I looked back there were no notes updated or created on 1/21/2015. Has anyone else experienced something like this? I am also running the client on an Android system. I use it primarily to capture docs with the camera and occasionally look up something. Jim
  12. I posted a similar response on the feedback section. I hope they will fix this. I am sure some people who have a lot of time on their hands prefer the new method. At least they could make it revert to the old method when you change from auto to manual.
  13. It would be nice if the custom spelling dictionary would sync so when you move to a new system you don't have to remember to manually move the %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Dict\user.dic file each time.
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