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  1. Since I didn't have that many notes yet, I just went ahead and deleted all EN files and did a fresh install of everyting. Thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks for link. I will let it run for a few days and see what happens. I only have a couple of hundred notes so my database is not very large.
  3. I have already installed the Direct D/L Ver 6.0.1 (I said 6.1 in my previous post in error) and it didn't fix the issue. Should I have uninstalled the AppStore version first?
  4. I upgraded to Evernote 6 via the app store. I noticed this morning that all of my notes that have pdf's, gif's or jpeg's attached do not show inline. They show up as a partial white box with the same icon as shows up when you choose to view them as attachements. I have downloaded samples and the pdf's all open with preview fine. As a note, this is not happening with any notes I have added since upgrading to 6.0, everything functions correctly. After reading the forums just now, I have downloaded EN directly from the EN page and installed it right over the other version but it has not s
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