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  1. Yes, I have done the dummy note for tags when I set up my Blogger and WordPress sites. I am thinking of the possibility of more than fifty lists with possibly hundreds of elements in some of them. Anyway, I am still having difficulty recognizing how EverNotes will work for me.
  2. Was premium worth it??? I reviewed the features, and it looks like Business Class is what I will probably need, but I do not have my multi-million dollar corporation set up yet. Does anybody use EN at work? And with all the gadgets that I read about, like ITFFF? If anybody can get that all set up and running for a couple of hours straight I would be impressed. Make a great movie scene.
  3. I think there should be tag clouds designed to accommodate the most likely tags for specific areas of subject matter. Something very akin to what they were doing with tags at the beginnings of Internet websites, so it must not be too difficult to do - it was just not deployed with the tools that they should have now to do it right. I would imagine Evernote has it on the premium subscription. Remember, websites had HTML containers with the words that are most used in larger text, and you click on the word and it gave the list of articles that contained the word. I would like that type of choice
  4. Okay. But I am probably going to need one of those tag maps that were prevalent in the 90's web sites - remember those? I had a journal application one time that made such maps from the words I used in my journal. I think that was good idea, but have not seen it elsewhere - I have never really been able to maintain a journal, so I do not know the apps. I have been wanting to try Evernote, but I didn't want to take the time to try and learn something new.
  5. Can you direct us, humble junior notaphiles, to a list of tags as you describe them to be possible?
  6. I would like to see some tag lists. I can probably present at least five different classification systems, two that are probably unusable, and I can explain why; and then the other three, or so, I can describe how they might be useful for specific interests. Such as general knowledge, personal organization for the boring person, political news junkie, and social justice activism - BLM, WOKE, LGBTQRST. Do you have any tag list that I might be able to start with, and maybe advance to a more sophisticated system as I improve in my note making? Will it make me smarter? Will it make child
  7. Wow, I just got here! I am new to Evernote, and I was disappointed in only being able to create a two, or three, level hierarchy of note books. The ambition that you are referring to is called "classification," and I have been working on such systems for the past twelve years. In general, the library classification systems fail to meet our expectations for implementing them into our computer directory filings and application notation systems, such as Evernote. If Evernote has a principle for "reflecting reality," then I need to check that out. Anyway, to get to what you want, it is g
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