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  1. This would be a great feature. +1
  2. Make sense. But i appreciate such a feature. +1
  3. a similar question has not popped up in my search. Mods please merge if this is a duplicate question. at the moment a task can be created with a due date, reminder, flag, assign, and attach to a note. I presume it would nice to have an option to create just a task and assign tags! Really don't know if this feature exists! It can be kind a of modularity; even though the tasks may come up with notes while selecting a tag. For example, if just an item list without note(by default it goes to To Do List) can be set using tags.
  4. duplicate the working note and do the modifications, rename and replace content, seems to be the easiest method.
  5. Is it possible to do the same on a Mobile device? I think this is basic requirement the evernote team can work on, when somebody quickly wants to create a new note for the existing project/documents. Template is for a different purpose, I believe. Moreover now a days mobile devices are even popular than a PC.
  6. Is it possible to create a new note with a predefined set of tags? Example: I'm working on a project-note with 5 tags includes place, time, people, project, and department. I want to create a new note, a situation dependent sub-task, with the said tags already applied just like a template?
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