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  1. Thanks for your answer. I see we have to stick to Legacy for a while. Haha I really was supposed to subscribe their plan but it seems I should wait 😂
  2. We need this feature, "scale note body size", which previous evenote used to have already! They deleted this fuction for no reason.
  3. Yesterday I was fed up with Evernote and made up my mind to use OneNote instead. Today I found a way to downgrade it and I am still here to complain. Why did they delete one of the most fundamental features, "Scale note body size" setting? I really don't understand.. the default font size of 16 is too small to read. (I have no problem about my eyesight, I am just used to reading bigger texts) I don't want to change the font size of each note whenever I start to write. I am new here Evernote discussions. Do developers listen to what we're talking about here? Horrible horrible update
  4. That's exactly what I want. They just deleted "Scale Note Body Size" on my Android app with the new update. I don't understand why Evernote deleted the essence, the most fundamental feature as a memo app. Some people keep recommending device resolution change or something but that's not I want. I just need "Scale Note Body Size", which previous Evernote used to have, regardless of android or ios whatsoever. I don't understand what developers are working for. Are they trying to lose competitiveness on purpose??
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