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  1. Agreed. Working properly on both of my computers. I almost forgot how nice it is to be able to just start typing tag names and then choose them from the dropdown. :-)
  2. I also find this bug annoying, and have opened a support ticket. The result of the ticket is that Evernote has acknowledged the issue as a bug and have passed it on to their developers. In the meantime, I've found that if you set the search option to "Search Current Context" instead of "Search All Notes," then selecting a tag from the drop down *does* add the tag to your search. Of course, it also adds whatever partial text you've typed, but this is at least relatively easy to remove. This workaround has at least made this bug less annoying to me.
  3. For what it's worth, I've started encrypting files that contain sensitive information with Axcrypt (http://www.axantum.com/axcrypt/) before adding them to Evernote. It's Windows only, so I'm only able to view those files on my PCs, and those files cannot be indexed by Evernote, but it does add a layer of security. The utility is very easy to use and hasn't had any issues. Of course you can't use it to encrypt actual notes, but that isn't a concern of mine. If I have sensitive data I want in Evernote, I create a file (Word doc, PSF, text file, whatever) and encrypt that.
  4. I don't know about the original poster, but I'm just looking for the specific update that includes reminders on Windows. :-) I check several times a day and completely understand what Formidable meant by his reaction to "There are no updates available at this time. You are using the latest version of Evernote." Maybe it's updated now....
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