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  1. Hi- Well, I cannot get Evernote schools to reply to me, so hopefully you may know the answer... I have a premium account, and would love to set up my students to have EN accounts. Not sure if I need premium, but I would love them to have the ability to share notes. Is premium needed for this, but another question---can they share to a user and not an email account, since I will be setting them up using the google +1 shortcut....Thanks so much in advance!
  2. My brain is a little fried from overthinking this, but I am trying to find a way to have a shared notebook (no teachers on my team use Evernote) that we can keep as a repository for ideas/info/files. For example, I would love to have a bunch of notebooks that I can share, but that they cannot edit, since I don't want anything overwritten. So I would have it as view only when I set it up. But I would like them to be able to add to the shared notebook. Is this possible other than having them email it to my Evernote address with the @ and # to tag/notebook it? I know I am probably overthinking and overlooking an easy way to do this.... Thanks!
  3. Was true...with latest update, stacks are on the iPad/iphone
  4. How about using stacks for your manuals----visually it would be easier to look at...same with games/xbox...
  5. Or, as I tell my 2nd graders---"Let's eat Grandma!" or "Let's eat, Grandma!" I give you one guess which one they want to use......
  6. we just got the Scansnap 1500 for my school...wow...just wow... Anyone know if you can scan papers in so that front and back are one continuous file ....
  7. I myself am also a sticky note freak, not as much anymore that I really started using EN---but I also have Livescribe pens in my class, so I use the Livescribe sticky....then it is in EN when I sync up....
  8. anyone else have problems logging into Evernote through Livescribe desktop--cannot get it to work at my school (tried changing to proxy server)----
  9. I have a folder on my desktop where I save many documents to---also a dropbox folder. Then I set up my Evernote import folders, so that when a document goes into a particular subfolder it automatically gets imported into a specific folder in EN...
  10. I have my stuff separated by subject...so a "plans" stack. I put all of my plans for a certain unit in the corresponding (like SS, Science, LA, Math)stacks-- ----In those notes are all my Smartnotebook files, urls, ideas, pictures...everything--I use the copy note link all the time....
  11. the Fujitsu? Havent seen it under $200....
  12. Money is scarce---is the Doxie sufficient?
  13. I teach second grade, and I use Evernote in SO many ways. I only have one class, so I don't have to worry about 100 kids, --I started to utilize stacks. I have a stack of my class, with the student names in my "class" stack. Since I teach 2nd grade, we use standards based grading. I scan so much work in, and Evernote is basically my grade book. I do this various ways---Whenever I scan work in (I use an Ipevo webcam or my iphone and the JotNot Pro app), it automatically goes to Evernote by using the import folder tool. This is great because I scan in work almost every day. The JotNot Pro is great when I have multiple pages that I want as 1 file. Occasionally, I share a student folder with a parent or specialist if we are working together on a plan to help a student (eg. IEP, 504 plan) Lesson plans-I have a "curriculum" stack, where I keep my subjects---many webclips and curriculum documents wind up there. Lot of times, I think of ideas for current or future lessons and they get sent here as well. Many times through the year, my kids are journaling, and I never was able to keep all my ideas in one place--now whenever I give a journal topic--I send it to "journaling". Email--I love the way that I can send an email so that it goes to a specified folder---here is the link to do that -- email Livescribe-wow- I use Livescribe pens in my classroom--I have a page for each student. Anytime I take a note, it updates my notes on that student. Instead of scanning, I can just have my student write on the paper for a quick assessment. (plus tons more ways...) I use Twitter a lot for Professional Development and find a ton of ideas out there--I just needed a way to organize them. I just starting playing with IFTTT.com --I love it--I use this to get pictures from Instagram in EN, my favorites from Twitter in EN, articles that I save from Instapaper in there also. I wanted a 1 click way to get ideas from Twitter in EN, and favoriting them in Twitter or saving to Instapaper are the easiest. All you need are the recipes from IFTTT I have a class blog, and I also use IFTTT to get any additions from it into my student stack on Evernote---works amazingly well--instead of having to go to my blog, it is in the one place I go to most--EN! Also, sometimes I get emails that I know I need to keep (tax stuff, financials, etc)--I use my Evernote email so I get them in my default mailbox. These are just some of the many ways I use it!
  14. same here---I have to disable, then enable...but it gets annoying
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