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  1. I am brand new to the platform and would like to have some experienced users help me decide if, before I go to the trouble of uploading everything I want to use for my research, I will ultimately be able to accomplish a very specialized type of search within my notes. Let's say I upload 100 notes, each note being a biography of a historical person. For research purposes, I want to be able to enter the names of a handful of people and discover connections and similarities between them: For example, I would like to be able to enter four names, each of which is also the title of a note, such as: "Elizabeth Turcotte" "Joseph Lambert" "Clara Huntington" "Otis Redman" Next, the search feature would analyze each of these four notes and bring together everything the biographies have in common, like this: "Elizabeth Turcotte" "Joseph Lambert" "Clara Huntington" "Otis Redman" — Architect — 19th century — educated at Oxford — liked ice cream Remember, this is not a Boolean search for entries that contain the phrases "architect," "19th century," "educated at Oxford," and "liked ice cream." The search I want to perform FIRST specifies a finite list of note titles to be included in the search, and THEN, after this parameter is set, the search finds what's in common between these entries. Is this structure of analysis possible with Evernote search?
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