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  1. Well, I think that you are not supposed to worry about it as much as you have a VPN provider. Anyway, it’s not always as comfy as this and when you want to change something about your payment method there is always a way to do it with no VPN and for life. If you are not able to manage it yourself, and I assume that you are not, you can go and seek for help to a company like intl-payments.com. It’s a company that is positioning themselves on the market as e-commerce professionals that can solve every problem related to this topic. As a matter of fact, though, it’s always good to have a company
  2. I tried contacting google about it but didn't seem like getting an answer soon. It would be lovely to have such a future available in the near term future. I'm running projects for my company using Google sheets a lot and I would definitely love to add a shortcut on my desktop for some of my notes on Evernote. Unfortunately I haven't managed to do it yet as I have managed to transfer important data from Google Analytics https://blog.coupler.io/google-analytics-to-google-sheets/ to my current sheets allowing me to have a broader overview of different aspects that are way too important for me to
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