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  1. I managed this very similarly to @csihilling - but the last part I changed. I do like all my tasks to be in one note book, so instead of just leaving it in my inbox, I've set up a filter (it's a gmail account) where it forwards the email on to my evernote email address with the correct tags and then deletes the original from my gmail account -all sweet. followupthen.com is actually quite a cool service.
  2. I think I may have a solution - there are several email reminder services out there that will send emails at intervals - if I use this with my email address from EN, then it will post in to my default notebook - just testing it now.
  3. Sorry - each note is a task in a notebook called Next Actions, tagged with priority. I just want to auto create notes within that notebook with a particular title, at a particular time. This will act as a prompt for me to do something regularly. Remember the milk has this as recurring tasks.
  4. I use evernote now for GTD and secretweapon.org and it is really powerful. However, one feature I haven't managed to work out is to create regular notes with a task included (e.g. "schedule meeting with XXXX"). Is there any way to do this - even if it means that I have to use a 3rd party feed and link it with IFTTT? TIA
  5. For some reason, my linux machine won't display pdf files inline. Instead, I get a file icon to download the pdf file. However, this works well on my windows machine. Has anyone found any way of displaying the pdf file inline within the note?
  6. I'm entering text using SlideIT - it's one of those keyboards where you can slide your finger around the keyboard without lifting it up and the software tries to second guess your word. Works for me and makes my android much more enjoyable to use. Worth every penny.
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