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  1. That's why I created this thread - since Evernote doesn't seem to remember releasing 3.7 beta 1
  2. I'm surprised that there is no official thread for this after all this time - but here we are. There's a new beta of Evernote, and it fixes some stuff
  3. If you want to further hide it, you can drag the right edge of the column over to the left and collapse it, as seen in this screenshot:
  4. I don't want to deal with editing my Evernote's themes. They ought to mirror iOS' options: Green, White, and Black.
  5. Sounds like you may have not fully uninstalled Evernote. Did you follow these instructions? https://help.evernote.com/hc/articles/208314248
  6. Sure! Here is Spotlight: Here is Evernote: They're just white boxes to type in, in my opinion. Add something (other than the Evernote logo, which is kind of subtle) splashy to it so that we know without a doubt, we're searching in Evernote. Perhaps an Evernote Green border? The Evernote text logo? A different shade of (*shudder*) grey? Something to differentiate it. Also, if you do end up keeping this tone, if I select the option of a dark sidebar, the search box should adhere to it, and be dark as well, OS X Yosemite-style.
  7. Request: Make it less Spotlighty so people don't get confused. Also, kudos on fixing the notebook selector highlighting in the sidebar! Thank you so much!!
  8. The selection in the sidebar does not work, still non-retina iMac, running OS X 10.11.3
  9. If you right-click on an attachment on the Mac, it's there... Otherwise, it's in the Preferences for Evernote, under "Clipping"
  10. @vvooddoo Yes, that is the default behavior now - others have made their displeasure with it known. I am unsure if Evernote will switch it back to 'the old way'.
  11. @muckster If you want to resize the window, just put your cursor over at the divide between the dark and light sections, then drag it to the width you'd like. It's a new feature designed for OS X 10.11 El Capitan's split view feature.
  12. The short link below it means JMichael was being sarcastic: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=%3Cgd%26r%3E
  13. Ummm... Skitch is still available in the iTunes store?
  14. Any chance we could get the last wallpaper without the logo? I <3 that pattern!
  15. How do we know when it is done? I have a Macbook (2015) and I have no clue when it is busy. There is no HD light and indexing isn't a particularly processor intensive activity. I have almost 8,000 notes at around 7GB in size. I didn't leave it open for a long period of time, maybe 30-45min max before I closed the lid and went to work. Should I leave it open for an hour or more tonight? We do emit a completion message in activity log, but not via UI. You don't need to wait for the completion, nor leave it open at night. The reindexing will continue when you open the lid again. Even if you quit the app, it will pick up the job when you open the app again. For most users, we hope the reindexing will go unnoticeably. In the future, perhaps pop up a Notification that indexing is done?
  16. Mine got stuck at "migrating" — had to force quit it, and then it launched with no problems.
  17. I think you're thinking of "Do or do not, there is no try"
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