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  1. The sidebar issues (reappearing "Upgrade Your Team", amongst others) remain in the 6.8 release.
  2. Unfortunately, Evernote doesn't use it's own autocorrect - it's piggybacking on OS X's own autocorrect system. To switch it off, look for it in Apple's System Preferences:
  3. Every time I launch 6.8 b2 the "Upgrade Your Team" item returns to the sidebar.
  4. I think (just spitballing here) it's because HockeyRink is cross-platform, which means that they can beta test all different software across different platforms. https://www.hockeyapp.net/features/
  5. Off-topic: I can has Korean Beef Bowl recipe?
  6. This wasn't happening for me in previous builds, because I guess I already had a Premium account. However, when I right-click on "Upgrade Your Team" to hide it, it will pop back up on next launch.
  7. Yes, I meant the old-timey, 'looks kinda like a notebook' view. Of course, Evernote is now behaving itself, so… I'll keep an eye on it.
  8. If you're in the OG "Classic" notebook view, and create a new notebook, you can't dismiss the dialog box, even though the notebook actually gets created. It works just fine in the beta "modern" view.
  9. version 6.7.1 doesn't seem to render Word 2016 docx files properly on my Mac:
  10. I don't know, but if I had to guess, it's probably to split off the necessary resources and keep the regular Evernote binary smaller?
  11. We need a new thread for a new release of Evernote.
  12. Welcome aboard! If you downloaded your copy from the Mac App Store, then you'd get updates from the Mac App Store's "Updates" tab. Now, even though it's improving, all updates need to be vetted by Apple's App Store team. That means a delay from when the updates are made available from Evernote and when they'll show up in the Mac App Store. If you want to sidestep Apple's process and download the updates directly, head to https://evernote.com/download/ Then, once Evernote pushes out an update it will notify you inside of the app. I hope that helps! Let me know if I can be of additional assistance.
  13. The speed increase is very noticeable from b1 to the public release, speaking as someone with 2000+ animated GIFs in a notebook.
  14. FWIW Evernote, this is something Microsoft does with their uservoice pages: http://Outlook.uservoice.com http://Word.uservoice.com http://Excel.uservoice.com Etc.
  15. Glad to hear it As for the inability to download the beta builds from the Mac App Store version of Evernote, I'm afraid that's on Apple, not Evernote - Evernote is not permitted to do that.
  16. Using the Direct version of Evernote, go into the Preferences panel and click on "Software Update". Check the "Update to beta versions when available" box. Click the "Check For Updates Now" button at the top. The direct version of Evernote can be downloaded from here: https://evernote.com/download/?offer=www_menu
  17. You can switch accounts from the Google Drive site, but Evernote will only link to one account at a time.
  18. I would like everything white (or colors, just not inverting the screen) on black. Black toolbars, black notes. Omni Group's OmniFocus has a dark mode that's quite easy on the eyes.
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