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  1. @macfixer - When you say "close the main window" do you mean you "close" it (click the red x button; or hit cmd-W; or File->Close ) or you mean you Quit (Cmd-Q; or Skitch->Quit)?

    If you are just closing the window, then Skitch behaves like any other Mac app and still runs in the background until you actually Quit it. The Helper in this case gives you the ability to quickly get the screen cap functionality up on the screen. If you you are actually Quitting and the app process is still running then there might be a bug.

    It quits when I tell it to quit, I just want the main window to quit when I close the main window (my thought is that Skitch is a utility, in which it should quit when I close the main window, since the Helper remains "on" in the background"

  2. Some feedback:

    • The new stamps are awesome! I'd love more!
    • Why won't the app close when I close the main window? Now that there's a helper app, I don't get the whole "app keeps running" thing.
    • I tried to create a quick map, the "hold option to create a straight line" feature has to be more discoverable.
    • Speed at startup is terrible. On my Core i5 iMac, it shows a blank window for 30 seconds when launched and often hangs and needs to be force-quit when in the background.

  3. Hey Mac Evernoters!

    It's only been a few weeks since 5.0.0 has gone live, but we wanted to let you know that we are listening to your feedback. We've added a lot of great stuff as well as some much needed bug fixes to this release. Let us know how you like it!

    Release Notes

    New Features

    - Drag-and-drop Notes onto Notebooks and Tags in the Sidebar

    - Added an option to show Note counts in the Sidebar

    - Added a Trash button to the Note Editor

    Other Improvements

    - Fixed Local Notebook creation

    - Fixed "notebook:" and "tag:" searching

    - Better high-DPI image handling in the Note Editor

    - Reduced CPU/memory usage

    - Various bug and localization fixes

    NOTE: This is a direct download release only ( http://evernote.com/...ile=EvernoteMac ). The Mac App Store will be getting updated shortly.

    Jack, thank you for having a direct download as well as through the App Store. I know people who'd like a copy without going through the App Store. Thanks for bringing it back.

  4. From what I understand, Adobe Acrobat's OCR is handled internally (and can also be tweaked to your liking), while ScanSnap's uses AABBY's (http://www.abbyy.com/) engine, via the "Scan to..." shortcuts.

    For optimal scanning (regardless of the scanner), you should be bumping up the scans to 600 dpi. That is the sweet spot needed for the best character recognition by the OCR engine and file sizes that aren't too large.

    I hope that helps!

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