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  1. Unrelated: Man, that screenshot makes me miss Sparrow
  2. Tap tap tap... is this thing working?

  3. This is probably not the right spot for this posting
  4. the OP was looking for one compatible with 10.5.x
  5. Thanks.. this is exactly the feedback I was looking for. I won't argue that our current experience is great - we're trying to get there but we've got a ways to go. However, I don't necessarily agree that adding markdown support and creating a great writing experience are contingent upon each other. Tools like Day One or IAWriter (I love that one) are really beautiful markdown editors. Agreed. However, In my opinion, there are also really great rich text editors as well. I really like typing in Medium's editor, for example. Evernote's new web editor, although young, is much more about creating a better writing experience. Sorry this update didn't do it for you. We'll keep trying, but don't write us off just yet. Thank you for your honesty, and your candor. It makes us feel loved.
  6. InterCaps? What is this, 1997? Just macfixer - no caps needed
  7. I have a copy of Evernote 2.2 on an old ScanSnap disk. I posted it for you: https://www.dropbox.com/s/os2fh8wevxnobam/Evernote_2.2.zip?dl=0
  8. How many people are not seeing the new toolbar. If you aren't then we have a bug. It should look like this... I figured the new toolbar would be enabled by default.
  9. Be sure to turn on the new formatting toolbar in Preferences : Software Update and check Enable new note editor toolbar. That should make things much nicer That fixed it! Thanks!
  10. If you make the note window small, things get ugly quickly.
  11. Agreed. And Marcus, I've got Reduce Transparency selected in Apple's Accessibility prefs so transparency is not a factor in my case. Ergo the dark option, if the EN design team so desired, could be a full-bodied black with no background bleed occurring, and it should not appear muddy. The design team is using Apple's design guidelines. They have no control over the color or level of transparency, unfortunately: https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/UserExperience/Conceptual/OSXHIGuidelines/WindowSourceListDrawer.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/20000957-CH40-SW1 "A source list that provides the primary navigation or selection mechanism for the app as a whole is translucent. For example, the Finder sidebar, which helps users navigate the file system, uses translucency."
  12. @Marcus, thanks for clarifying how sync works. May I suggest that you state on the EN Mac Preferences Sync tab that regardless of the sync interval, automatic syncs are done as the user edits a Notes. Actually, having just tried to state this, I realize I'm not clear on the autosync. Can you please tell us the exact criteria EN uses to trigger a sync while a Note is being edited. Since there is no "Done" or "Save" button, how does EN know when the user is finished editing? Please give us a much detail as possible so we all can understand. ^^ Yes, this.
  13. I am *totally* loving the dark sidebar. Makes it easier to see "this is Evernote" with a quick glance.
  14. Working fine on this end, also OS X 10.10.4
  15. That fixes the notebook issue for me. Well executed, sir!
  16. I can confirm this. Advanced notebook view remains after restarting it. Very clever, guys — but I'm still not gonna use it
  17. I do not like it, I prefer the old "basic" view, since it allows me to visually get the layout of my notebooks. I suppose if I had a laptop with a small screen that it might save space, but I don't have that issue. Please allow us to switch it back if we don't want to use it.
  18. …I think it's more of a concession for the folks who'd like to remove the Work Chat option from the toolbar, IMO.
  19. I noticed that the title bar in Evernote is now platinum grey in OS X 10.10 Yosemite. This ought to please a few detractors
  20. Love the new app — makes scanning into Evernote very frictionless. My feedback would be to: Give some sort of "target" to aim my camera at — otherwise, am I too far away? Too close? Even if Evernote does some background mojo to automatically detect edges, an on-screen "try to place the document this far away" reticle goes a long way.When I'm cropping the finished scan, have to drag 4 corners is a drag. I'd like a way to drag an entire side at once.Keep up the great work!
  21. I see there's now Evernote 6.0.5 in the Mac App Store — however, my direct download of 6.0.4 b2 won't update. Is this a App Store-only release?
  22. My team battle-tested Evernote's Work Chat feature last night. It worked great as long as one person edited the note at a time. What I'd love is the ability to have multiple people edit a note simultaneously (like taking meeting notes, for example), with the different users' edits in different colors — much like track changes in Word or even the things that Google Docs can do. The swirling "I am editing this" avatars are far too subtle. A "you are editing" bar at the top of the note would be better. If we cannot ever edit simultaneously (potential technical limitations, I get it), how about a button to request access, so that we don't have to keep jumping from the note to the chat window to request access? A "there have been changes made to this note, click this to see those changes" button/link/indicator, to let the others know about the new stuff.Thank you very much for you time.
  23. I also have a 17" MacBook Pro and see no issues with the current Evernote 6.x design. That said, I'm avoiding retina Macs like the plague since I'd probably want one after seeing it in person.
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