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  1. Your tags need better names 😉
  2. I finally have an iPad Pro (gen 1) and a Pencil, and I can finally use Penultimate… and now it's like it was abandoned 😐
  3. Is this the ScanSnap Evernote Edition, or a plan Fujitsu scanner, like an ix500?
  4. You can link your two-factor auth to an application like Google Authenticator or (my recommendation), 1Password. Strong passwords, like what @DTLow suggested, are always a good idea.
  5. macfixer

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    What a UI mess Evernote has in macOS 10.13 High Sierra. We have the sidebar, which uses macOS Vibrancy to make it slightly translucent. Then we have the note list, which is what I'd call a "Mavericks grey". Finally, we have the note and it's new Mojave dark background… with a lighter grey header. Either have a dark mode that works in High Sierra (like Things 3), or disable it. So, 3 panes, and 4 different colors. Meanwhile, Bear has it's theme act together, as well as Apple Notes. I know it's only beta 1, but this is not what we had in mind when we asked for a Dark Mode all those years ago.
  6. But seriously, this ebook is also a good start: https://brettkelly.org/evernote-essentials/
  7. ? Awesome! Although it hasn't been the WWF since 2002…
  8. I hope this helps! Let me know if I can be of additional assistance:
  9. Ahem, that's "not premium enough user" ?
  10. Also, please take it easy on the "Business Upgrade" push.
  11. What search engine are you getting sent to? When you paste the link into a different app, like TextEdit — do the links work properly there when clicked on?
  12. Evernote, please don't be subtle with any indicator. It needs to be big and bright… perhaps in your new green color? ?
  13. The beta may expire in the near future. This is a newer version that will run on your Mac: Evernote 6.13.3 (OS X El Capitan (10.11) and above)- http://cdn1.evernote.com/mac-smd/public/Evernote_RELEASE_6.13.3_455969.zip
  15. There is a newer Mail plugin that (as of Mojave) still works with Evernote. https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/export-an-email-to-evernote-using-evernote-exporter/
  16. It was 'spun off' with version 2.0 if I recall correctly. More information here: https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/evernote/
  17. The bug where you select a note in the left column, and the selection blinks once before the highlight settles on All Notes is still in this build ?
  18. The problem is, which note? ?
  19. It doesn't need to be as complicated. Make your sub-notes, then select all of them, and create a Table of Contents: https://www.evernote.com/l/AAY2Wyl-7WxLl7Q9N3926pjmTFGiqyLf2_k
  20. Doubtful. These are the release notes in the App Store:
  21. The release notes are a little sparse, but I see you, new Evernote logo! ?
  22. If you want a more 'full-featured' experience, assign a key command to "New Note Window" — and it will give you a new Evernote window the size of a note. This will have the different formatting options that the Quick Note does not.
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