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  1. I miss my "Evernote Green" — I wish there was an option to bring it back.
  2. Any chance the cool URL shortening feature from [REDACTED] will make it over to Evernote? I kinda like that functionality...
  3. I crashed. Want me to post the logs here?
  4. I guess I'm in the minority. Two iMacs (one an i5 running Mountain Lion, the other a Core 2 Duo running Lion), both upgraded to 5.0.2 without a lick of trouble. I like the new additions!
  5. Jack, thank you for having a direct download as well as through the App Store. I know people who'd like a copy without going through the App Store. Thanks for bringing it back.
  6. How am I going to be able to create my internet memes without access to Impact or Arial fonts in Skitch?!? seriously, though - my imported sketch files (skitches?) look all messed up — the original layouts/fonts need to be respected from the 1.x version!
  7. Works for me. All this time I thought it was a Spiceworks issue and it turns out to be this. Who knew?
  8. More importantly: can FitBit shoot this data over to Evernote?
  9. This is a long shot, but maybe it's related to Gatekeeper? What do you have it set to?
  10. From what I understand, Adobe Acrobat's OCR is handled internally (and can also be tweaked to your liking), while ScanSnap's uses AABBY's (http://www.abbyy.com/) engine, via the "Scan to..." shortcuts. For optimal scanning (regardless of the scanner), you should be bumping up the scans to 600 dpi. That is the sweet spot needed for the best character recognition by the OCR engine and file sizes that aren't too large. I hope that helps!
  11. Evernote, I'm really happy for you and I'm gonna let you finish, but Chrome has the best Clearly plugin of all time! OF ALL TIME! seriously, does this mean we're not getting Clearly on Safari?
  12. Hmmm, that didn't work too well...
  13. Found a glitch in the RC1 build of 3.1.2 — launched it this morning, and the left-hand column was "stuck" and I could not scroll it back up to view all notes, it would rubber band back down the list. I tried to capture it in Skitch...
  14. Heh heh heh... I forgot to check the "Update to beta versions..." checkbox!
  15. Why is Evernote suddently reporting it's version as beta 1? It even says a newer version isn't out there — I could have sworn it said beta 2 before! #secret_rollback
  16. Hello. I have all of these snaps in Skitch I'd like to integrate w/ Evernote. How do I get all of my Skitch images on the Skitch.com website into Evernote without having to click each one individually?
  17. Creating a new note no longer updates the related card in card view. I have to click in another notebook, then back to all notes in order for a recently added note to "refresh" properly. Clicking the Sync button does not refresh the card.
  18. Just installed this in my copy of 3.1 — can we seriously get some color back in Evernote?
  19. A hearty THANK YOU for taking care of this so quickly!
  20. Evernote’s notes disappeared — but Evernote didn’t crash.
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