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  1. One up for this request. One of the great things about Evernote is its ubiquity-it is available across all platforms . However one of the not so great things is that you can never assume : 1) that a feature that you depend on that is available in one account type is also available in another 2)that a feature that you depend on that is available on one client is also available in another 3) that a feature in any platform will continue to be available come the next update. Ok this could be said for any software or software as a service which is being updated, but with Evernote there is this element of randomness and lack of continuity that makes for a very confusing and frustrating user experience. The inability to stack/nest business tags is an example of 1). For example, you just assume that you will be able to stack tags in Evernote business, just as you can do in Evernote free/Premium. Nope. This was brought up over 18 months ago, but nothing has changed. (This is off-topic, but I'll just throw in a few more examples of the other two: 2)-Android does not support Business stacks (again, brought up in the forums more than 18 months ago) 3) "Hide Unassigned Tags" and "Thumbnail View" were both removed in version 5 for no obvious reason.) 1) leads to a sense that you have been duped since there is no trial period. You have already shelled out the monthly or annual fee for Evernote business, only to find that tags cannot be stacked. Imagine the mess- up to 100,000 business tags without nesting. 2 & 3) leads to a feeling of uncertainty- to get the most out of Evernote, you really have to jump in with both feet, and put everything in it but what if the tools that you most rely on to view 'everything' are randomly modified or taken away?
  2. Wow this is really not worth my time(but not for the reasons given by BNF) . It seems that some people : -cannot be bothered to read previous forum posts before posting* -seem unable the stick to the discussion topic -are quite happy with forceful expressions of opinion in forum posts but associate a free survey, open to and viewable by everyone, with coercion -can't get past the fact that bar charts or survey tools might be useful out of high school as a springboard for useful discussion and representation of people's opinions -happily entrust their sensitive data to cloud services such as Evernote but are paranoid about how the data collected from simple, anonymous multiple choice questions might be used against them in the future. *@BNF Already acknowledged the futility of forcing Evernote to do anything, so no need to wish me good luck with it. What you said about Evernote having multiple channels of gathering user feedback is true. But the user forum is here, and people are still posting to it everyday because they feel it is a significant way to share opinions and possibly shape the development of future releases. @s2sailor tick, already explained in post to Metrodon and others above that I am not going to 'do' anything with the data except post a link to the results which is open for everyone to see. This is getting boring. I wanted to have a discussion about v4 versus 5 based on the survey results but it's clear that for whatever reason, a few of the Evernote 'heavyweights' are not comfortable with the use of bar charts in a user forum. I'll keep the link to the survey active for anyone to take the survey or see the results if interested.
  3. Well so far 14 people have taken the survey about Evernote 4 vs 5... You can see the results here Interestingly, so far a majority (65%) of people have said that overall they prefer version 5, but an equal majority (65%) say that Evernote 4 felt more stable and less prone to crashing than Evernote 5. A majority (55%) also prefer the thumbnail view of Evernote 4 to card view in Evernote 5. At this stage, we've already had the discussions about the 'agenda' behind the survey (none), and the questionable statistical validity of conducting such a small scale survey (agreed) but I'd really like to hear comments about the topic of the survey itself. It's not that we all want to roll back to version 4 as there are obviously some great improvements in version 5 . But what do you think about card view, for example? Is it cutting it for you? I am not a graphic designer but I remember reading some posts that for people who use Evernote for image storage and categorization, the change has really messed up the whole Evernote experience. For me personally, as an academic, I guess it's less important, but it has made it considerably more difficult to view my books and journals.See quotes from this thread as an example Is there anything else which you are missing from version 4-perhaps changes in the interface, or other features which Evernote has dropped? BTW the survey is still very much active and will remain so until we get 100 responses. Thanks!!
  4. Thanks Gazumped, even though you didn't take the survey I appreciate your honest feedback. You know I totally agree (and have mentioned in a previous post also) that this is a very humble undertaking in comparison with the vast amount of feedback that Evernote must be receiving on a daily basis. It might surprise you to know that I'm also pretty happy with Evernote, especially in comparison to One Note or other document management systems I've tried in the past. I do have my feature 'wish list' like anyone but in doing this survey I was not particularly trying to target one group or push my own opinion. (In that sense you needn't have excluded yourself from the survey, but of course I respect your decision not to do it). I just wanted to see how other people viewed the transition from v4 to v5, to see if they also had the same opinions as me about things like the loss of thumbnail view and the lack of contrast on the interface in v4, and the superior tagging capabilities in v5. If so, great-that would be clearly communicated in graphic form to the user community and Evernote, but if not, that would be ok too. One thing I've noticed looking at the forums over the last year and the number of 'urgent' feature requests relating to version 5 is at a high.You may well be right that most of the 90 M users would not favor a full rollback to v4, but equally I don't think it's accurate to portray them as very satisfied and resistant to change either. Anyway thanks for your input!
  5. I agree with you- I prefer discussion as well to really get into the nitty gritty of each individual issue. But sometimes the sheer number of discussions and points can be overwhelming, and important points made months or years ago can be abandoned for lack of response. A multiple choice survey is way more simplistic, maybe too simplistic, but it can be useful for giving a broader perspective. Like your suggestion about adding the personal touch to the survey (maybe that's one to consider for next time LOL)
  6. Honestly, it was a perfectly innocent question. Maybe, but I didn't much appreciate your patronizing equation of the survey to a school project. You are a brand new forum member Um, been around since 2011. Just because I haven't had time to write thousands of posts like you doesn't mean I'm a newbie. ...with no real indication of what you are going to do with the data. I'm not going to 'do' anything with it, except keep the link to the results posted for everyone to see. If you are a user who thinks that you are going to "force" Evernote to roll back their UI to version 4 because you don't like 5, well good luck with that (it's never going to happen), I don't think anyone who has spent any time perusing the Evernote discussion boards would imagine that it was possible to force Evernote to do anything. And who told you I wanted to go back to version 4? There are some things I like about version 5, and some things about version 4 that I wish they'd kept. That's it.
  7. Since as far as I can tell you, do not work for Evernote or a company hired by them to guage customer satisfaction, I've been wondering what the purpose of your survey is as well. I fail to see what's offensive about Metrodon's query. EDIT: Actually, now that I think about it, I just realized some things about this survey seem a tad fishy to me. ● Earlier in the thread you called out BNF for having an opinion you didn't like and then outed her for not having taken your survey. Are surveys by definition, supposed to be blind/anonymous? How can you get even a reflection of wider statistical evidence if you are identifying who has or has not participated? ● Now you're angry with Metrodon for asking the purpose of it. Why? If you are indeed not working on behalf of Evernote - which I don't believe you possibly could be because they are always upfront about who they are when stopping by the forum - what is wrong with asking you the purpose of your survey. ● And, I will upfront admit my tech ignorance here in that I don't understand how it works...but that said, how is it you know who has taken your survey and who hasn't? Do you, as a non-moderator, have access to user information? Or are is there somthing at the end of your survey asking people to identify themselves as real users and not spam? If so, that's fine, but it still comes back to my earlier point of survey data integrity. ● And, since I'm going there anyway - again, assuming you in no way represent Evernote - the Title of your original post is misleading. It implies that you are in fact a rep from them, which is why I opened the thread in the first place. I would be happy to cooperate in an actual Customer Satisfaction Survey if I knew it was A) anonymous and from Evernote itself. A paranoid person might get the impression your are trolling for the competition so they (or you) can claim polling results showing unhappy Evernote customers and back it up with the appearance of actual documentation, ergo "your company" looks better. Just like political groups do. Just saying.... p.s. If you are a student and this is a project, just say so. Wow, all of this hostility to a few bar graphs. Let me correct the numerous errors and false assumptions in your recent comment You said: Earlier in the thread you called out BNF for having an opinion you didn't like. No, I didn't. I kept the discussion on topic. Her comment was perfectly valid but it was so general and that it could have been posted in almost any feature request forum. Some people would call it 'Evangelist spam'-I see what she is saying, but I didn't want the thread to get diverted to talking about meaningless distinctions such as listening and not implementing at all, and listening and implementing within five years. The net result to the end -user is the same. Now you're angry with Metrodon for asking the purpose of it. No, that was not the reason I didn't care for his remark. Asking the purpose of a survey is a perfectly valid question, which is why I gave you an answer to your question. I took offense that he was equating my survey with a school project. How is it you know who has taken your survey and who hasn't? I don't. Have you ever used survey monkey? It's anonymous. The only way I knew was by looking at the survey count. BNF posted when only two other people had posted, who I knew about, so it was obvious she hadn't. The Title of your original post is misleading.It implies that you are in fact a rep from them. Well, if you had looked at the author of the post, or read the disclaimer right at the top, you would have seen straight a way that I was not a rep. If you begrudge me those couple of clicks, or couple of seconds it took you to decide not to take the survey, then I'm very sorry. And no, I am not a student, and not a rep.
  8. Since as far as I can tell you, do not work for Evernote or a company hired by them to guage customer satisfaction, I've been wondering what the purpose of your survey is as well. I fail to see what's offensive about Metrodon's query. Have you actually read the survey? A quick glance over it (or even just reading the title) would tell you that we are not surveying customer satisfaction in general, but user response to several features that have changed between version 4 and version 5. These features have all been the subject of multiple discussion posts, and yet have received no concrete answers from the Evernote development team. Then instead of creating yet another discussion forum, we put the questions into a survey. It's a graphical way of representing user opinion to the Evernote team on a variety of features that have changed between the two versions. And if you can't see why it's important to represent user opinion to the Evernote team in the best way possible, then it really is time to go back to school.
  9. Why, is that what you use Evernote for? Your school projects? Honestly, I find your comment offensive and don't want to spend any time interacting with you.
  10. Thank you so much to the ten people who have completed the survey so far. You can see the results and comments so far here These results will be updated in real time as more people take the survey. We need to get to 100 respondents.If you're just looking at this post and haven't taken the survey yet, I'd be really grateful if you could take the time to do it (it only takes a couple of mintues)
  11. A survey which is capped at 100 responses is unlikely to be statistically valid in the strictest sense. However it may be able to provide a broader and clearer 'snapshot' of user opinion than a single discussion post alone could do. As to being a self-selecting group, I think you're right, but that could be said about any forum post and I don't think that it invalidates the survey. With hundreds of new discussions being started every week, forum users are naturally only going to spend time writing responses to the issues that interest them. The only alternative to having a survey based on a self-selecting group would be a compulsory/highly recommended survey for all Evernote users. In that case we would be drawing in responses in the 1000's and the data would be much more reliable. But as I'm not an Evernote employee, this is clearly impossible. I'm just doing what I can, given these limitations. If many more people respond, maybe I'll take the plunge and upgrade my survey monkey account to receive more than 100 responses!
  12. question #2 - does not include the list view (available in both version 4 and 5) question #7 - Objection your Honor! Leading the witness! jbenson2, thanks for your feedback. Right, I didn't include list view in question #2 because it is a feature that has remained pretty much unchanged between versions 4 and 5. Basically we are only interested in the features that have been changed between versions 4 and 5. #7 I don't see this as a leading question. Right now, the responses for that question are split at 20%, 30% and 50%, so if I was trying to push people in a certain direction, I'm not really doing a good job of it.
  13. I'm sorry, Gazumped, if I came across as trying to block all discussion. That's not the case at all. I welcome any comments that people would like to make regarding the topic of this discussion, which is customer satisfaction with Evernote 4.x vs Evernote 5.x.
  14. Wow BurgersNFries, it's never easy to know what to say when the moderator goes off topic. This post is about completing a customer satisfaction survey, which I see you haven't done. If you want to discuss or defend the degree to which Evernote listens to or implements their customers' views, maybe you would be so kind as to fill in those views in the survey, or start your own topic with that heading.
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