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  1. I've failed at two NaNoWriMos so far . I think I'm going use this year's to supercharge a novel I started at last year's NaNoWriMo, and have been continuing ever since. Probably won't submit anything though. I've found that inspiration comes in the weirdest places, and some of my best writing has happened when I'm waiting for a friend at a bar or something. So I pull out iPhone Evernote, create a new note with a simple title and bang out some paragraphs, take a snap of something if it was external inspiration. It's really more about churning out that content wherever inspiration hits. I like the idea of using it to build character profiles. You could even take pictures of places where you think they would live, or what they may look like, and build those into the profile note. I'm really into the writer's theory that if you can build a real and thorough enough set of characters, the story will more or less write itself once you give them some circumstances to wade through. EDIT: Probably should add the website of NaNoWriMo so this makes sense: http://www.nanowrimo.org/
  2. Nice. I've been looking at "mind patterning" or thought pattern, or whatever you call these apps, for awhile now and just have never taken the dive. Is Mind Meister worth a try? BTW, posted this to our internal news to show other Evernote Employees. To give props where props be due, I mention it's from the forum and username with a h/t (hat tip).
  3. This too. Thanks for reiterating. In rare cases there is a problem with email. In most cases, it's that the ticket request process was not fully completed.
  4. It's possible something is catching it on the way out--or we're emailing to another email you have on file. Private message me your Evernote username and I'll try to find your tickets that way. Tried your forum name and it's not coming up.
  5. Yes, please supply your ticket number(s) (either here or via PM) and I'll look into it. Sorry you haven't received any responses, that is strange. I can guarantee you we've been strictly adhering to the 1 day premium response time.
  6. So true. We don't always reply, but we are reading. The forums serve as a great place to develop ideas and we're always checking for feature requests. This is one of them.
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