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  1. When you select either bulleted or number lists in the top they are WHITE. I have great use for bulleted lists, but I don't use them cuz they look absolutely UGLY. Instead I use checklists as they are black. The reason white looks absolutely ugly is because I change the colors. Imagine white on orange or any other color. It's such a simple thing too.. if we can change color of text lists should too, or at least give us the option. This is what we need evernote - customizability. Not calendar integration or some advanced *****, upgrade the core first. It's what everyone uses on a daily basis. I love the colors we have right now (and please don't change them lol) but do consider adding a color selector, or select based on hex code. Stuff like that. Ability to customize how your bullet lists look, circles squares etc (google doc has a few). I attached a photo of how ugly white bulleted lists look on orange handwritten text.
  2. I do all of that in just a single note within a table. The notebook is books and the notes are books, manga, manhwa, manhua, novels. Tables are very powerful.. one just needs to make good use of them. I just open a note within books and have sections for Caught Up, Reading, Paused, Want To Read, Completed with information on book title, current page, where to read / buy, author, etc. Tags work, yes, but the same can be accomplished with notebooks and looks + functions even better.. within books note I could just ctrl + f author name for example. With tags, you would probably have to create a note for just one book.. that is very tiring and if you have different types of books, it can take a long time whereas storing everything within a single note allows you to know exactly where everything is.
  3. Then I guess it's got its priorities wrong, lol. For a beginner.. what purpose do tags serve? who needs that sort of extreme management, when you can already do so much with stacks and notebooks? I doubt the average user does.. and the pro users, who see faults in notebooks use tags, which make up a very small percentage. There is, quite literally, NO REASON to use tags. What, to label notes into different tags? Not everybody needs that. It's really simple.. what do you need? To find a book? artist? Go into its notebook! I understand different users have their own use cases and have a need for tags, but for the vast majority that is literally how simple it is. What purpose do tags serve apart from being terrible and linking notes? I could go on and on about its faults and why it wouldn't be anywhere near as good as using notebooks, or at least for those that are currently using notebooks. Everything uses folders.. your telling me people are coming here thinking their going to use tags? I don't think the average user wants to go through renaming their tags when moving notebooks or note locations. It is in no way the primary organization tool in the eyes of the customers, for evernote, who knows, they probably developed it after having developed notebooks and just added hierarchy. A very simple poll on feature request can very easily solve the problem. Upon opening the app in a new update, ask: What do you think should be improved? and then a list appears with the top requested features, and start working on the most requested one. Or ask: Are you using notebooks or tags? if notebooks, would you like additional hierarchy? It's as simple as that. Listen to the user base - I bet tons of people would pay (including me) if some of the top feature requests were added. Or at the very least.. reply! it doesn't hurt to give a gush darn answer. Is it now possible to implement this feature? let us know. Are you considering it? let us know. Are you not sure? let us know. Do you not want to? let us know. It's not that hard to keep customers happy and updated on their requests and ideas after 13+ years.
  4. It really depends on the user. Some people have a lot of data, and link information between different tags, building a large network. Then, there are others who just group everything by notebooks, and don't need a network, which is why evernote should give them the option. Tags are for a purpose, separate from notebooks and are not a good replacement for notebooks. I understand the purpose of tags.. but I don't need it! It's extra annoyance, for the user to have to deal with tags as well as notebooks when they can fix everything with just nested notebooks. Having to add tags every time, dealing with UI that is different from notebooks, is just extra hassle for the user who doesn't use tags to link information BETWEEN DIFFERENT NOTEBOOKS. That's the purpose of tags here, and if the user is not going to be using them to do that then it's not the best solution. It really is unfortunate.. a request from 2008 so simple as this.. Though I guess that's cuz of the codebase previously. Evernote has the power to do great things in the notetaking market by introducing these wanted features, that literally do no harm to current users and only help those IN NEED of them as well as bring in more customers. Hopefully we can see some of these features soon.
  5. Shiiiit. I had a note written and now it's lost. Good work evernote xd. Here's what I wrote basically cuz I totally forgot and am really sad: I have a stack called resources, and under it there are subjects and languages. Psychology and Human Geography for example can be categorized under another stack, Social Sciences, and so can Spanish and Japanese under languages. I also have tech-based resources: Knowledge, Code, Setup, Sensitive. They can all USE additional hierarchy: Social Sciences, Languages, Tech, but its not so necessary that I need to make tags for it. Tags can be useful for those who have lots of notes & notebooks, but I put a lot of information into single notes that if I switched to tags, the layout would be practically the same as notebooks, with some using additional hierarchy (mostly resources), so then, why use two systems: notebooks and tags when you can use just one: notebooks. Additionally, the notebook view & ui is much better. If you collapse the left menu (which I highly recommend) hovering over notebooks will give you a better looking view than tags, which is smaller and is really there to be more accurate, to TAG (and quickly access) notes. This is best seen when after pressing a tag, it appears blue on the top. Basically telling you where exactly you've decided to land in your very big hierarchy, but with my layout it'll only mostly go up to two levels and that tag at the top is just unneeded. Stacks and Notebooks however is there to store the notes, and because I don't use much notes and know exactly where things are, I have no need for tags. I think it's the same for a lot of people.. Who either are not a fan of the tags view & ui in general, or have no major need for it.. We just want to further organize and clean our hierarchy.
  6. +1. While yes, you can do the same thing with tags.. it doesn't work for everything and is not as simple / good (I can explain if you'd like). At the end of the day.. this only serves as a BONUS, evernote. It helps your customers and brings in more people. What if evernote is a mostly stack > notebook notetaking app? it can always use sub notebooks. Those that prefer single hierarchy - no problem. Those that want more - there you go! Nothing is being removed. So do consider it.
  7. +1 upvote. Evernote, this is a major feature that I'd love to see added.. Notion has it and it is one of those features special to Notion. It can be used in multiple ways.. I am a student, and would like to use it for active recall, see a question then toggle / open up answers.. going even further, like notion, allow sub toggles, and even further, allow even tables to be togglable! I would absolutely love this, my tables are large and being able to put multiple tables in a note w/o them taking a ton of space & long time to scroll would be awesome. Top feature - don't wait long.
  8. When you collapse the sidebar, in order to get to the note you want you have to hover on notebooks tab, pick the notebook, wait until it loads and then select your note. That in my opinion is kind of slow and can be made faster. For example, inside of a Entertainment Notebook I have a books note, anime, etc. I know where I want to go when clicking on the entertainment note. All my notes are like this, I don't have many notes because I organize everything with tables. So when I hover '"School" I can quickly pick the homework note. The problem is with the space, when the notebooks are shown there isn't much space to scroll through the notes. If this feature is going to be added, maybe a workaround can be added for that. Such as small text size for note titles // not whole title is shown, 15 characters or so. Also, you have to hover on the notebook 2-5 seconds for the notes to appear (otherwise a lot of notes will appear as you hover over your notebooks) or if people don't like it it can be something optional in settings.
  9. I believe that's the same issue I'm having. So I have multiple tables in the same note that all relate to each other. I copy one table's layout and paste it into the others to make them all look the same. I go to another note, come back, and those tables that I changed the layout of by copying a part of another table is gone. It's back to default. What I did was after having the table look like as I want, I copied that table and pasted it. The new table does not change like the original one does.
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