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  1. When you collapse the sidebar, in order to get to the note you want you have to hover on notebooks tab, pick the notebook, wait until it loads and then select your note. That in my opinion is kind of slow and can be made faster. For example, inside of a Entertainment Notebook I have a books note, anime, etc. I know where I want to go when clicking on the entertainment note. All my notes are like this, I don't have many notes because I organize everything with tables. So when I hover '"School" I can quickly pick the homework note. The problem is with the space, when the notebooks are shown ther
  2. I believe that's the same issue I'm having. So I have multiple tables in the same note that all relate to each other. I copy one table's layout and paste it into the others to make them all look the same. I go to another note, come back, and those tables that I changed the layout of by copying a part of another table is gone. It's back to default. What I did was after having the table look like as I want, I copied that table and pasted it. The new table does not change like the original one does.
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