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  1. Ah I get it now, I really like this program and I'm already addicted I'll be here to get tips and tricks, Thanks again for your help BurgersNFries! C ya around
  2. You're welcome. IME, the best place to find out tips is perusing this message board & using the search function, if you have specific questions. Okey, but its will be easier for everyone if there is one place for advanced tips and technique! Thanks again BurgersNFries, BTW nice name!
  3. Do your screen cap but hold down the CTRL button before releasing the mouse button, This puts the screen cap into your clipboard instead of creating a new note. Go to your note, position cursor where you want the image & paste. Oh god, really good tip, that just what i wanted! Problem solved! Really thanks BurgersNFries ! I think there's more tips like this, do you know where i can read about them?
  4. So true, god be with you, your problem is bigger than mine but i think u can click and drag, then copy and paste into existing note? i cant do that with printscreens. because i want to crop small area of the whole printscreen image! anyway lets focus now on clipping screenshot into an existing note! Thanks for replying!
  5. Thanks for replying I already know that, but when i do it , a gray background will appear with note title There should be a faster way !
  6. Hello Evernote users, I'm new premium Evernote user. How can I clip screenshot into the current note that's opened in Evernote? Example: I made new note in Evernote, and wrote some text, what i want is clipping screenshot into that same note!, instead of the default Evernote way. (The default way is pressing the shortcut "Win+PrintScreen", then its will be found in a new note, so we have to cut the image from the new note and paste it into the old note, so its really slow) I need a faster way to do this! Thanks!
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