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  1. I'm not sure what I did short of freaking out, I may have tried to stop the evil update and messed something up. I have this one note that I update frequently and I can tell with certitude that after becoming public, it's missing recent info. Do you have a link to an older version that works with win 10? The one posted by Pink Elephant triggers a "can not run on your pc" message. Thank you
  2. Thank you but I get a "this app can't run on your PC" message (running windows 10). Is the file you attached for an older windows version?
  3. I made the fatal mistake of updating without being aware that I will lose a decade worth of private notes. Some notes became public but not up to date, some are totally lost. What a disaster. Before I close my account I would like to try recoup the private notes off an older usb enex backup. I have two questions: does anybody have a Legacy link for win 10? And what would be a similar alternative for the way Evernote used to be, with private and public note capability. Thank you
  4. Decade long premium user here, at the end of my wits. I open a new note and it's already populated with a pinned one. Major lagging or just blank screen spinning. Search does not work. Annoying widgets to click through just to get to notes. Please reinstate the old version because it was fast, productive and efficient and the new version is the exact opposite. You can push your experiments on the free users but I pay for it so I will have a say in it or I will find a different product. You just destroyed an amazing app so fire those responsible and salvage what you can. I don't want to go through the trouble of migrating thousands of notes to a different platform but i will not pay for a slow, inefficient and counterproductive product.
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