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  1. At first glance I have to wonder if this beta was made in the context of Lion or simply on Evernote's own upgrade path with no effort to utilise Lion's capabilities. Much has been made over the past month of the Evernote team waiting for the public launch of Lion before releasing an update. Looking at this v3 Beta, you can see why. It would appear no one at Evernote had ever seen Lion let alone developed Evernote 3 to utilise the new OS capabilities. Does the company not participate in the development program like most major software companies? There is no congruity with the new OS, none of the basic capabilities (notably full screen) have been incorporated. Very disappointing. Moreover, longstanding bugs have not been addressed. It would seem that Evernote is doing little more than token work on the Mac side. The contrast between the improvements in v4 for Windows and v3 for Mac is blatantly obvious. Evernote needs to either pump more resources into its Mac efforts or face a decline in take-up. It doesn't take much foresight to see the media reviews for Evernote 3 will be disparaging at best if much more effort is not applied.
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