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  1. PinkElephant, I followed your suggestion but the interesting thing is that the scan successfully showed up in the new EN v10. I'm not complaining one bit about this! I'm glad to see that things are coming along with the new one. Maybe the OP (Greg) could try uninstalling and then reinstalling per your directions to me and this might solve his duplicate problem? Just a thought. Thank you for all of your help.
  2. I'm so tired of the issues with indexing handwritten notes that I think I'm going with your suggestion. I had the same issues as the OP here (only mine were JPG and PNGs and not PDFs) and with such shaky indexing (I have impeccable handwriting so there should have been no issues) I can't afford that while in school. I really value your suggestion here. Do you think it is the best solution for me when I get onto a math class? Of course, I'll want the handwritten notes indexed but when it comes to this I'm curious how GoodNotes 5 would handle equations, etc. I'm still going to just spring for an iPad Pro after trying GN5 on my 6th gen if I don't hate it but curious if you have opinions on math. Thank you for all of the time you give in these forums, PinkElephant.
  3. I've been reading every thread in the forums ever posted on scanning (from a scanner...not from the Scannable app) and all of the help topics provided by EN and after hours and hours of reading I have only understood that if a person wants their handwritten notes to be indexed and searchable they must be in either jpg or png format. Your suggestion above says to pack the *pictures* into a pdf, then ocr it, and then send that into EN. The OP isn't emailing pictures in their file. They are emailing scanned copies of handwritten notes. Are you certain that your suggestion to create the pdfs for handwritten notes will work? I tried that and couldn't get it to work. I understand the OP's pain, for sure. I take handwritten notes for school and try to scan them into EN but since they must be jpg or png they show up as several single pages. I've tried merging them into one note only to have them not show up in order. What is the best solution to get handwritten, multiple page notes to easily and quickly into EN? OP, are you saying you scan your 76 pages of handwritten notes into your scanners app and then you merge them there as one file and then attach that one file to an email? And, then after you email it from the scanning app you email it to your personal Gmail and you EN email address and the pages previously merged are suddenly in random order? And, best of luck on this. I've been in tears and ended up withdrawing from school for now since I can't find any solution for scanning handwritten notes to EN without it taking up so much time because of having to spend time on all of these problems so I feel your frustration.
  4. Dear PinkElephant, I had to delete v10 from my Macbook to scan in using the scan app that came with my Epson. Scanning wouldn't work at all unless I only have ELegacy on my machine. How are you able to run both and force the scan to ELegacy? I'd love to not have to use v10 from a browser while also using ELegacy on my machine because the back-and-forth is causing formatting havoc with my notes. Especially when I need to print. Am I stuck with my setup because I don't have the Fijitsu/ScanSnap or am I missing something? Thanks in advance if you know or have advice. If I am stuck with the setup of using v10 via browser and ELegacy as an app on my MBook I think I might install both ELegacy and the v10 on my MBook and just remove v10 from my machine and do all my scanning at once and then reinstall v10. All of this makes me wonder if I should get rid of my lovely, new Epson and buy the ScanSnap setup (I didn't know about it before I purchased the Epson). Maybe this would solve all of my woes even though I'd be dumping more money?
  5. Sigh. Thanks so much, Mike P. I find lately that I'm writing and typing things backwards frequently so I guess I need some online brain-games to sharpen my noggin'. I meant to say left.
  6. For the love of all things sacred! I cannot believe how many posts there are to request this when you search for the solution. I have to print notes because we all share in our study group for school. I want the notes in EN so I can search them in the future. Having to export to OneNote or C&P to another app for every single note is e.x.c.r.u.c.i.a.t.i.n.g...I know EN wants to be a digital alternative to paper but this really blows chunks. Re: the solution suggested above. Inserting a line of "===" or "***" is merely a keyboard shortcut for inserting a visual line divider as far as I can tell. Thanks for sharing though. It would have been awesome if it worked.
  7. The feature is still there. I've used it from my desktop app and from the browser. In the new version, hoover above the icon in the upper, right-hand corner of the note editor (third column where you actually write the note) that looks like two arrows pointing at each other. It will say 'expand view'. Click this and all you will see is the note you are writing. Click it again to see the note list. I love how slick the new Evernote looks and the extra features but I still use Evernote Legacy for some things. Happy note writing!
  8. Heads up, Evernote. Medical and legal information can often require the use of .tiff files so requiring your Evernote users (who receive .tiff files as the original format) to convert them to .png or .jpeg in order to work in Evernote is a huge barrier. This means we would have to hire a full-time .tiff converter as staff. We're talking hundreds of thousands of files for our attorneys over time. For a small firm this could even require two full-time staff members needed now just to manage the new flow required to accommodate the lack of support for .tiff files. I was about to set up two firms on Evernote and I'm so glad I saw this thread before signing up a ton of attorneys. I'll have to move the attorneys I have on Evernote off of it now. 😐 Please think fast on this one. I don't have a plan b as your platform was the obvious choice until this.
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