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  1. I have found a very inconvenient work around that might help some. I have the same issue here on Android (but not on Windows). The issue has caused such disruption and the total lack of support means I am now looking at viable alternatives and probably not be renewing my subscription next year. Nevertheless (grumble over) The issue was first noticed after upgrading to Evernote V10.4. All images are gone (but still present in Windows). My work around is to open any document with missing images in Windows, copy the content and paste into a new document - note: a duplicate document did not work for me. With seven years work and thousands of documents jeopardised, that's probably the end for me with Evernotes but hopefully some of you might find the above useful.
  2. Same here on Android. Evernote V10.4. All images gone. Absolute disaster, has no one found a solution?
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