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  1. Even adding a hint of data collection for targeted ads would drive away a ton of paid users. Just the idea that EN was open to data collection for advertising would be enough to move me off the platform. While I don’t enjoy subsidizing your free account, I’d rather do that than see privacy further eroded for people who for whatever reason can’t pay.
  2. When you move a note, links you have to it don’t break? I used to have a workflow where I would have stuff hit my inbox, then I would create links to it, then tag it, and move it to a notebook… then the links would be broken… It was so prevalent that I started moving the note first then doing everything else… Maybe I’m doing something weird… or maybe I need to reinstall or something… hmm
  3. Stuff I think we need: You should be able to move notes from one notebook to another without breaking links. There should be no distinction between “web” links and “app” links why two links? App links work in the web… but web links don’t work in the app. Just settle on one and use it everywhere. Nice to haves Link syntax in note like “@note” or “[[note]]” instead of finding a note and copying the link. backlinks…. maybe after the other stuff is worked out.
  4. It can be faster if more info was kept on the device.... I'm not trying to complain. I'm just reporting some general slowness on EN for iOS that I'd like to see improved. For most of my writing projects I end up using either EN or Bear, and I can tell you that Bear doesn't take anywhere near that long to open... I probably couldn't even start counting before it's open and ready to go... I realize that Bear is not "web first" and EN is, but maybe a larger local cache for EN would be helpful... I don't know what the answer would be, I'm not a developer. I actually have all my notebooks set to sync local on my iPhone, so I wouldn't even expect the web connection to be an issue. Anyway my goal wasn't to pile on, for the sake of trash talking EN, it was just to say yeah I have this issue too hoping it would get fixed.
  5. Yup It’s really annoying on iPad too. I make a ton of notes and use links constantly all the links on iPad and iPhone are web links which becomes a constant battle when I’m using the desktop app on my iMac. True in-app links for ios would be a big win for me.
  6. I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro and on a fresh start Evernote can take 5 seconds or more to load the home page. I spend a good deal of time looking at the green elephant head.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I may look into some of the external services to see how that integration works. It really only takes ~2 minutes for me to get my templates copied and start working, so it's not a big deal. I was just curious if EN had this feature somewhere and I just wasn't' aware of it.
  8. Is there a way to have notes created from a template on a daily or weekly basis? For example everyday I create two notes for Logs. 1) A bullet journal for keeping track of tasks/accomplishments for work. 2) A workout log/checklist. Is it possible to have Evernote automatically create notes from a template that would just be there ready and waiting for me in the morning?
  9. I’ve been using the scanner from readdle as well, but the scannable app seems to do a better job of removing cresses and in general it seems like the text shows up easier to read. I hope they are planning to maintain it. It could be an illusion on my end but the note scanning function vs scannable for ios is like night and day.
  10. Spotlight can’t index the new Evernote, at the moment. I’m not entirely certain if it will ever be able to.
  11. I’ve noticed on ios (iPhone 11 pro), when you are on a slow connection, I’m talking non-lte way out in the country the evernote app may never open at all. The big green elephant just hangs seemingly forever. I suspect it’s trying to log in or something but can’t. Can’t even see “offline notes” because you can’t get past the launching/loading page. This is annoying because I often camp way out in nowhere and will keep my reservation info in Evernote... Switching to airplane mode and relaunching has worked in the past but it’s hit and miss once it starts the log in attempt and can’t connect. Extremely slow connections should probably be treated as offline and skip the whole login or at least maybe shortening the timeout duration would be helpful.
  12. ipad pro 2020. I haven’t noticed the app completely freezing. But I can’t scroll down in longer notes. With or without the magic keyboard.
  13. If you make a link to another note on iPad it only creates web links. This drives me crazy when later in the day I'm on my mac and click that link, because then the web browsers opens up instead of just opening the linked note in the Evernote Desktop app.
  14. While I understand the need to focus on core features that are usable cross platform. Spotlight search on MacOS is one of the best features on the OS and it's actually how I find most every document on my computer. This would be a good feature to support, often I'll spotlight search something forgetting that Evernote isn't indexed and find what I was looking for in Apple notes or in a pdf I saved and never even open Evernote to get the information I need.
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