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  1. Please support clipping/copying inline SVG! Many MathJax-enabled apps & websites use <svg>, so this is another missing feature that makes it hard to use Evernote for technical work.
  2. It might be "commonality of interface" in the sense that they all look kind of the same, but different platforms should have different interfaces. I put up with the crappy web interface if it's all I have access to (and because the old web interface no longer seems to work properly). I would never download a local client which was as bad as the web interface. If Evernote is hell-bent on destroying their Windows client interface just so that it matches their web interface, then I'll find another option for my data.
  3. Other threads have complained about this, but it looks like nothing has been done, so I'm going to bring it up again. The giant green left panel ⊕︀New Note button on the desktop client is distracting and a total waste of space. (See how stupid that looks?) Please get rid of it or give users the option to hide it. I mean, really, what was the UI designer thinking? I'm not crazy about the Google-style ⊕︀ buttons either, but at least they don't make the interface less usable.
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