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  1. Thanks again for further tips. I was working with a new MBA M1 machine - and building it as a new MacBook (i.e. NOT restoring from TimeMachine). I wanted to avoid any potential 'legacy' issues on a new Mac. The suggestion that a new EN database needs a lot of time to be re-built on a new machine sounds reasonable to me - and perhaps indeed it may have been the cause of my problems...? When I get the new MBA I will again set it up as a new machine. Then I will install EN - and I will wait a couple of days to let it 'build itself' on a new Mac - before installing EN Web Clipper.
  2. Thanks a lot for this info and the tip. That's reassuring - perhaps my new MBA will eventually work well and will permit me to use EN and WC. I did try reinstalling WC extension - did not help. At the same time EN app worked OK on the same MBA. And since Apple Support could not have helped me during 3 sessions, and Safari kept crashing, I returned the new MacBook Air. But I immediately ordered a new one (also new M1 chip) - arriving by the end of Jan. I will try installing EN and WC on it - and will hope for the best... If I have any further issues with EN / WC - I will com
  3. I just bought a new MacBook Air M1 with new Apple silicon. After I installed Evernote and Evernote Web Clipper - Safari started crashing repeatedly, rendering the new laptop basically useless. During the last 5 days I spent three 2-hours long (!) online sessions with Apple support, which reviewed my system, deleted numerous items from Library, generated crash and diagnostic reports to be sent to Apple in USA. Apple concluded - based on crash reports - that the problem stemmed from Evernote Web Clipper (their words - not mine). Per their instructions I erased the SDD disc and re-ins
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