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  1. for example it seems now in v10 when i save a tweet it gets put into a box labeled HTML, but then I can't easily edit it, in most cases just want to carve out the text and links which is why i'm saving the tweet; just need an easier way to edit html articles, tweets, etc that are stubborn so they fit more into the natural flow of evernote notes.
  2. We have a number of shared notebooks we put things in for each other and now I can't access them in new version. They appear in the note roster, but unable to save to them directly from the share arrow e.g. on safari or other applications. So i have been saving to my inbox and then again having to move to another notebook. Meanwhile it's taking forever for notes to synch even into the inbox, I''m letting phone run for hours and there's no progress on notes being saved that have been queued up.
  3. Am totally stranded now. Opened a support ticket re 10.x regarding the elephant not appearing on mac menu bar unless app was running, was told to install legacy version but that grey elephant requires OS beyond Sierra that I am using. So then was sent another legacy 7.x build with green icon but that one couldn't successfully migrate the database.. so then deleted both versions and restarted, reinstalled new one, it took a long time to draw anything (as it always seemed to do..) so i quit it, deleted it, and reinstalled the legacy one again and still got the data migration error. I went into terminal and lots of folders etc there so didn't dare touch them, I am just so mad now, I'd like to get ANY version running that works so I can resume working.
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