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  1. A tech at EN saw my post and fixed my account. I'm good.
  2. After dragging numerous files to a new Note, an attachment or item count is not available. How can we verify a transfer of numerous files/attachments? EN can't be expecting us to scroll through the note and count the attachment/files manually in our head 1950's style?
  3. After dragging multiple attachments to a Note it is mandatory that we know the attachments count in the Note upon transfer completion. Ex: Say I drag 12 months of bank statements to a new Note labeled My Bank ABC -2019. I want to be able to quickly verify that 12 attachments did indeed copy successfully. Now imagine an example a Note with 100 attachments, you cant expect user to scroll thru the note and verify/count manually. Please advise,this may be a show stopper.
  4. Everytime I click on create a support ticket I am logged out of Evernote whether I am in Windows or Android. Stranded. Please advise.
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