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  1. Anyone having an issue with handwriting - some letters, numbers, and marks disappear, leading to write and rewrite and rewrite. The issue for me is in the letters M and S and A. Number 5. And some others, but these are the ones that I have noticed the most. Specifically using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
  2. Hello: Im running Evernote 3.1 on my Motorola Xoom. I guess I have two questions...or if one is solved just one question When I click the SHARE button I can of course send the note to Adobe PDF Creator but instead of the full text of the note there is only a http link and a short preview of the note. I can avoid this by coping the whole text and sharing. It seems in either case I lose all of my formatting because notes seem just to SHARE as text files. How can I SHARE a note and keep my formatting (bold text, spacing, indentions)?
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