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  1. Get over yourself and stay on topic. We don't need another daddy or mommy saying what's acceptable and what's not. No offense. @raonoy72 - Good message, couldn't agree more with the frustrations of the structure changes they've made, unfortunately we are in a bubble world and many are way more concerned about calling who or what is wrong, than actually coming up with a decent solution or recommendation as you did. Kudos.
  2. I've been scanning directly from Canon Dr-c225 scanner to Evernote for years. Canon's CaptureOneTouch had a default Evernote selection where I put the paper in the scanner, hit the Evernote button, and scan to pdf and it would go directly into my Evernote folder. I've depended on this for years and suddenly it all went away. At the same time of it going away, the hot new V10 was installed. Not sure what to do next, I've tried Legacy and it was even cut off of that. There has to be a work around, and I'm not buying another $300 scanner. Win 10, Canon DR-C225, CaptureOneTouch V.4, Evernote
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