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  1. Hi, I encrypted a note and have a password for that note. When I open the note on my PC, it works fine. However, when I open it in Chrome via the password, I am not able to type new text or edit the text. As soon as I attempt to type, the previous text is immediately highlighted/shaded and I cannot add or edit. Any thoughts as to what my problem might be? Thank you. Tom
  2. I deleted and installed, cutting about 60% of my storage used on EN. Thanks again. Tom
  3. I got the app usage from Settings, then Iphone Storage. Thanks for all. Will delete now. Tom
  4. My app lists a current time saying "last synchronized" so yes, it seems to be sync'd. I used the "clear chache" button but that did not seem to change anything. Thanks! Tom
  5. Thank you for the responses. I don't think I have anything set up for offline notebooks. Is 1/2 or 1 GB usage normal? My phone is only 8 GB so... And my fear is that is seems to be increasing. Thanks again. Tom
  6. Greetings, Is there a way to have the EN IPhone App use less storage space on an IPhone 6s? I can't find anything in settings. If I delete it and restore it, would that help? I use EN Plus. Thank you! Tom
  7. Greetings, Within Evernote Windows or Chromebook, can I combine two tags and make them into one or have them all in one of the existing tags? More than two tags and make them into one or into one of the tags? Thank you! Tom
  8. Hi, Thank you. I am using the downloaded EN program on a Windows 10 PC. But I also use it on a Chromebook and could download to a MacBook if that made thins easier. Thanks again. Tom
  9. Greetings, Is it possible to print a listing of my all tags (the names I use for tags in alphabetical order)? I want a printed out list to edit and rethink how I use tags. But I can't figure out how to print such a listing. Thank you. Tom
  10. Greetings, My Chrome Clipper is not regularly suggesting tags which makes using EN inefficient. 1. Sometimes it will suggest a tag but it is the exception. 2. The settings are set up to suggest tags (use smart filing). 3. I realize that the suggestions are not 100%--but even when the tag name is in the title of the clip, I am not receiving suggestions. 4. In the past, my Chrome Clipper has suggested tags at a much higher percentage. Thank you for any suggestions. Best, Tom T.
  11. Greetings, This is a request for wisdom in organizing Evernote. Are there good rules of thumb as to how many notebooks one should have? Tags? Stacks? I have 2,000+ notes and growing every day, about two hundred tags and I just started using multiple notebooks. I have not used stacks. I am overwhelmed organizationally with EN right now. Since I speak and teach a lot, I am constantly saving articles, blog posts, etc. on a multitude of topics but also use it for members issues, administrative needs, personal items, etc. Even as I see myself using EN more and more, I also want the organization process within EN itself to be as efficient as possible. Thank you for any advice provided. I realize there have probably been quite a few posts on this before so feel free to point me to those posts. Tom. T. Ps. One particular problem I have it I forget the name I used for my tags when there can be multiple titles for the tag (e.g., an article on youth--should it be tagged children, family, adolescence, babies, child rearing, youth, etc.? ) . Thoughts on this too?
  12. Greetings, I am making a large number of edits to existing notes as I am adding tags to those without. Everytime I add a tag, all the notes sort again. Is there a way to avoid this? I am only adding tags to notes with no existing tags. This means that after adding a tag, I have to scroll all the way to to bottom of the list (1000s of notes) and it is very inefficient. Any ideas? Thank you in advance. Tom
  13. Thank you. Helpful. Perhaps a very basic question but I have not seen how you can "search by the chosen tag." Do you mean just go to that tag and look a the notes? The search capability seems quite basic to me or at least I don't see how to search by characteristic like tags. Thanks again! Tom
  14. Greetings, Now that I have a great multitude of notes, I realize that I need to transfer many of my notes (1000+) into new notebooks. Is there a way to do this efficiently and not simply single note by single note? Is there a way to transfer every note with one tag option into a new notebook en mass? Other thoughts or options? Thank you to all. Tom
  15. Greetings, Been using Evernote more and more. I'm considering going paperless or at least storing more and more documents in Evernote. The different scanning options make my head spin. I am thinking of buying a dedicated scanner. However, I also read about using my IPhone. If one is on a budget, can someone tell me the best options? Or where I might read about the best options? What should I consider? How helpful is it to have a scanner that imports directly into Evernote? Thank you! Tom T.
  16. I figured out what I was doing incorrectly. It is my fault. I was clicking the icon on the left but you actually have to click the space to the right of that. Sorry on my part and thanks for the efforts. Best, Tom
  17. I am using this version (and I believe it just updated): 12.0.742.122 thank you. tom
  18. This is the version that I am using: "Clip to Evernote - Version:" Is this the right version? Or is there another one? And if so, where would I find it? Thanks again! Tom
  19. Hi, When clipping a website link or article to Evernote, it is not allowing me to assign a tag or comment via the google extension which makes the process inefficient. Should it be allowing me to do so? There a line to do it but it is not permitting it. Thank you! Tom
  20. Hi, Is it possible to have tags that ONLY relate to one of my notebooks? That is, can tags be notebook specific? Basically, I am trying to keep two notebooks separate (personal and work) which makes it easier for searching, sorting and keeping on top of all the entries. And I would much rather do it this way than to have two separate user names which makes the whole process very cumbersome. Thank you! Tom
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