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  1. I paid for an annual plan. When that renews it'll be nearly 25% higher
  2. I've just cancelled my Personal subscription to Evernote, on the back of the less-than-transparent price rise they are slipping in whilst distracting us with new features (none of which I find remotely useful, but that's just my take). I'm not against price rises in general, but I disagree with the way all of this has been announced (or not, as it happens). The email I had specifically said no price changes, no nasty surprises. 13 days later and that is exactly what they do. If Evernote had simply said there are new features on the way but to pay for the continual developments they'd have to also increase prices, I would respect them for their honesty. To say they would keep prices the same and then renege on that in less than 2 weeks makes me quite angry. That's on top of a simmering level of discontentment with some ongoing bugs, poor performance and the removal of features I had previously come to reply on. We didn't get a discount when they were taken away, did we?
  3. Evernote email on 8th July: "We're upgrading your plan, but not your price" "We'll upgrade you into a new, more powerful Evernote plan at the same price you are paying now" "No surprise price changes" Evernote account billing on 21st July: "Your next bill will be 23% higher" (was £44.99 now £54.99) Just putting this on the record... I am surprised by the price changes, Evernote!
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