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  1. I ended up syncing after edit the Android note. back to the Mac EN and re-doing the formatting, which was just bold and pretty simple. then sync from the Mac side. now when I edit on the Android, so far, all is well.
  2. thanks for the input. I thought perhaps the **word** might have been my issue as I use ** as a change indication. So perhaps 2 instances bumped around a word that I wasn't seeing. But, alas, I changed ** to >. Still corrupts the note when change is made on the Android and saved. Tried Simplify Formating on the Mac as well as the Android. Still the same. Darn the Luck ! ! ! Odd thing here is, as soon as I touch the Android version of the note to edit, the formatting goes away, even before the save.
  3. just one note. every time I open it on Android it loses bold font. and then corrupts, in sync, with the Mac version. anyone have a fix or suggestion? I've re-installed. Stepped back to an earlier version. Completely deleted the note from EN and started anew. Seems there is a character that is corrupting the note?
  4. wow, you're right! I take back all the 4 letter words I've been saying the last hour.
  5. ah. discovered a way to fix that issue. highlight all of the Note on the desktop version. right click to bring up Services menu at bottom. Choose Services/WordService/ReFormat. Now to try to figure how correct font. Surely wish I didn't need to hit the edit button for the Android version, which use to be the case. Every update breaks something else. Like Goog, Apple. Hard to believe how poor development is.
  6. Android v 8.x converted 1 of my Notes to double spacing. I can't get it back to single space either on the Android or on my Mac. I dropped back to v7.5. N/C. Is that a feature.? High Sierra. Evernote 7.14 "In the top Evernote menu bar go to Format - Simplify Formatting or Make Plain Text. Both work." neither work
  7. when one "shortcuts" to a note on a Mac, the sidebar slides to the note as well. This way one can move to a closely alphabetical sorted note. This would be a good add to the Android version (and I assume, the iPho version). If the short cut would move the note in alpha sort when exiting a note that was "shortcut" to. So if I shortcut to "Movie"; when I exit "Movie" it would leave me in the "M's"
  8. I uninstalled and deleted the local files etc. Dl'd Evernote 6.9.2_454158 signed into the server and started from scratch. This version works right where c&p are concerned with plain text.
  9. Can only only copy the 1st clipboard entry. After that, it's all gibberish no matter what I do. Unless I paste to Text Edit then copy/paste back to Evernote. a 2 step process. Hyper links seem to be OK, no matter how many spaces down the clipboard they are. Is there a Sierra supported version available earlier than 7.11.457846?
  10. yes, but no modifier key to access them quickly. that tops out at 1-9, near as I can tell.
  11. I'd like to see the ability to have more shortcuts to Notes beyond 0-9. Add modifier keys, or at least the ability to scroll to notes with alpha keys.
  12. back in version 7.5 from about mid 2016, one could shortcut with another note open. No longer possible. One must close the existing note to show all, then shortcuts become available. Go back.
  13. I find that in selecting transformations on some highlighted text, the transform happens one work at a time. In other words, one must invoke transformation repeatedly to change a group of highlighted words.
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