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  1. so one could alt/1 .... alt/9 more notes with shortcuts.
  2. when one "shortcuts" to a note on a Mac, the sidebar slides to the note as well. This way one can move to a closely alphabetical sorted note. This would be a good add to the Android version (and I assume, the iPho version). If the short cut would move the note in alpha sort when exiting a note that was "shortcut" to. So if I shortcut to "Movie"; when I exit "Movie" it would leave me in the "M's"
  3. I uninstalled and deleted the local files etc. Dl'd Evernote 6.9.2_454158 signed into the server and started from scratch. This version works right where c&p are concerned with plain text.
  4. Can only only copy the 1st clipboard entry. After that, it's all gibberish no matter what I do. Unless I paste to Text Edit then copy/paste back to Evernote. a 2 step process. Hyper links seem to be OK, no matter how many spaces down the clipboard they are. Is there a Sierra supported version available earlier than 7.11.457846?
  5. yes, but no modifier key to access them quickly. that tops out at 1-9, near as I can tell.
  6. I'd like to see the ability to have more shortcuts to Notes beyond 0-9. Add modifier keys, or at least the ability to scroll to notes with alpha keys.
  7. and carplay as well I would guess.
  8. back in version 7.5 from about mid 2016, one could shortcut with another note open. No longer possible. One must close the existing note to show all, then shortcuts become available. Go back.
  9. I figured out a method to do this. It's a little convoluted and time consuming, but ...... Export the EN as html. Open with Text Edit. Save. Open with Word (2008) Find/Replace EN delimiters (=). Multiple instances as necessary. Replace with comma for CSV doc. Save as Plain text (.txt) Import .txt to Excel as (text enabled) csv. In step 2, change to comma. In step 3, chnage headers to Text. Finish. Voila!
  10. I find that in selecting transformations on some highlighted text, the transform happens one work at a time. In other words, one must invoke transformation repeatedly to change a group of highlighted words.
  11. say you have 50 Enotes. There's the Cmd+ shortcuts. But run out after 9, then typing the 1st few letters of an Enote could scroll to that note. IE: I have one titled LG G4. Typing either LG or G4 should get be to that one with the app opened and no other note in edit. Much like the way Finder works when opening docs. 4 with ProTools in their titles, but different 2nd words in the title. So Pro would get me to the 1st, but notes would get me to the 2nd. However, I have 3 or 4 with notes in the title. There if Cmd-G were enabled from the Mac OS, one could scroll to the next 1 with notes in the title. Of course, this all depends if this doesn't already exist and I have somehow missed it ........
  12. I hate to be a whiner, but why must I re-install EN every 6 months? It becomes tiresome compared to my other apps. Or is this the way it's gonna be? Is there a pref that can be tossed to fix it's wagon? All my notes are gone. They appear for a split second, then poof. My Android still has them. Syncing from the Android yields no better results. EN 6.06 10.9.5 Android 5.02 Lolli EN 7.041 updated to 6.0.11. No diff
  13. everything has been fine. Just started happening today. Today I entered edit on a note and all the Bold words went back to plain. They sync to others that way as well.
  14. I would assume this is an issue and/or request across all mobile platforms. Say one scrolls down to the end of a long note and realize you want to edit. When Edit is entered, the note opens at the top and you have to rescroll/search for the point again. I'd like to see the edit insert point happen at the point where one decides to edit. Marking text (for say the purpose of Bold/Copy/Delete) is somewhat hit and miss, especially at the left edge of a doc.
  15. I can highlight just fine, but the ability to bold or underline a word or series of words is very hit and miss. Previous versions to 5 were better. HTC One is the phone.
  16. all great ideas. let me also add auto-sign-in from a subscribed link in email, like most other sites
  17. at least where the Mac version is concerned. Make better use of the mousing the Tool bar, Like Mail. add the ability to drag and drop at least a few shortcuts to the Tool bar. Many people I know have never even opened the "sidebar" because: #1 a "sidebar" is already there as the Note list. #2 most are using smaller screen in their day to day, like 13". The current "sidebar" eats up real estate. add the ability to Cmd click a Note and add a numeric short cut that would be triggered by Cmd + 1 thru 0. (Like Mail) add a slim Tool bar under the current toolbar for those short cuts. (Like Mail) add the ability to enter fullscreen of the note you're on, not just the app. Or alternatively, close the Note list. add a list view with the font size of the Snippet view. add a different Snippet View that shows just one line of text which is the last text entered in the Note. add a clickable icon in the Note list to toggle the "sidebar". add a clickable icon in the Note list to toggle either toolbar Bug? once a particular View is selected, a different View can't be selected without closing and opening Evernote.
  18. just what does that mean to me on Android? Can't make it go away for good.
  19. available in some apps of OSX. and related: format the underlying text as links, differing from add link.
  20. http://s.evernote.com/androidpreview does seem a little better.
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