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  1. Hello everyone. With this post I would like to address a few. issues i have come across with this new version. Background: I have been using evernote daily for the past 3 years, for taking notes during my lectures. Device: Macbook Pro w. Touchbar (Relevant, see below) This post Elaborated on some of the issues it nicely. Here is my problem with Evernote. Problem: What has been removed: Touchbar can no longer be used (good bye quick colour choice, or text editing) WHY WOULD YOU REMOVE THIS??? You can no longer write next to the images for extra clarification, you can only do so below it Annotation of images takes 3 steps instead of 2 Preview of the note you want to print has also been removed (WHY?) so you can only readjust your image size after you have wasted paper Removal of the (SHIFT+Command+F) shortcut for reasons unknown Suggestions: Please create a shortcut for inserting images. NOW it takes 3 clicks and disrupts the flow of work significantly REEMPLOY the Touchbar Bring back Preview for printing Opinion: This is my personal opinion, and you can see it as you wish. As a poweruser of this program i am disappointed that there is no User focused design. Think about who uses your program and adjust it to them, or if that can't be done, make it a little more flexible in terms of programming shortcuts, just design it in a way we can adjust them ourselves. I have recommended this program to a lot of people but now, with this version it is worse to use than microsoft word for taking notes. If things continue going down this way, I will look to other alternatives on the market. Evernote is not what it used to be before.
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